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I got the remastered version of the original game for my ps4. And this is the first game I played from the series.

This is a hack and slash game originally developed by Vigil Games and published by Nordic games after THQ went bankrupt. The remastered version is developed by some of the former members of Vigil Games in a studio they created called Gunfire Games. The game is a sequel to the first game of the series.

You play as the grim reaper himself "Death" who is part of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

The story of the game is interesting and I was quite fond of the character Death. The voice acting is pretty good especially Death where he has this deep grim voice to him. And he makes also equally dark and sarcastic jokes to others as well to everyone he encounters. You have to prove one of your brothers "War" innocence after humanity has been wiped out. It has a post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy setting which works quite well in this game.

The game is also an RPG game as well so you can level up and unlock new weapons and abilities in the game. And also earn skill points to upgrade your new abilities as well.

The graphics in this game are really good. It looks nicely detailed everywhere and with it being a remastered version on the ps4. The higher 1080p resolution as well looks well done and there is a lot more higher textures in the game as well.

The art style of the game is really cool. Such as the comic book like cutscenes before the game loads up.

The combat in this game is pretty good. You can use a variety of abilities all related towards the grim reaper himself. You can use your primary weapon scythes or, another secondary weapon like a hammer or gauntlets. After you defeat an enemy or a boss you can be able to upgrade your abilities or gain new ones in your possession. There is a variety of combos in the game and you can also learn new ones as well from various trainers in the world.

Boss fights in the game each require their own strategy to defeat and while there is a good variety of boss fights in the game some of them weren't really impressive.

It has sections where you can use parkour and solve puzzles that is related to the current location you are in. This was pretty interesting and I liked this feature. You can summon your pet raven "Dust" as a guide for reaching your objective. And you can summon your horse "Despair" as a way to reach locations quicker outside of dungeons and hub locations in the game. And it is quite easy in the game to go to one place in to the next quickly thanks to the fast travel system.

You can find leveled items or potions in treasure chests all over the in game world or hidden in dungeons.

In the inventory you can use it to change your weapon or armor into something much more powerful. And you can be able to buy or sell items whether if it is powerful or not.

The dungeons in the game each had their own puzzles and way of solving things. And they were quite interesting to go through.

The sound track in this game is pretty good.

You can be able to find a lot of different collectibles in the game. Like pages of the book of the dead or Gnomesmads Gnome in order to unlock special equipment.

As this is the complete remastered version there is also a lot more dungeons to visit and you are able to collect exclusive armor from the dlc that the previous version had.

There is some downsides to the game to it.

It can be repetitive from time to time with killing a certain amount of enemies before the door can open. And get used to the occasional back tracking from time to time in the game. I have seen a few low textures in the game in a few spots. The menus in the game while they are useful and easy to use. They can take a few seconds to load as it is not completely seamless to use. I found the frame rate to stutter a bit since it is locked at 30fps.

This game made me feel like a little worm on a big "bleeping" hook.

4 stars Is what I'll give this game's final score.

If you enjoy hack and slash games and open world rpgs this game could be meant for you.

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