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De:vadasy is an anime ova series that adapts the video game of the same name.

It focuses on Kei who is a normal high schooler who is chosen to help save the world from an evil alien like invasion with being a mecha pilot.

The concept of it is pretty lewd and honestly it didn’t really made any sense using sexual funcitionality to help pilot mechs. Xenogears later on in the game not going to spoil it had a feasable concept with powering it up here it just feels pretty weird.

The characters are pretty well generic and if you ask me its almost as if they ripped off the character types from neon gensis evangellion with a reluctant normal kid getting caught up in mecha war I know its not the most original but still it just felt like it was copying off neon gensis evangelion but focusing more on the lewd side of things of neon gensis evangellion.

The animation it was okay not the best and you can really see its aged pretty roughly sadly. The visuals most notably it showed its age and it wasn’t good.

The action I honestly couldn’t take seriously all because of the nymphomaniac power source and it was more funny than anything else and not in a good way.

Otherwise the artstyle was okay and the mecha designs minus the lewd stuff were just as fine.

The voice acting was fine.

There was some plot points that were not fully developed either possibly due to its run time.

This was overall one of the worst anime I've seen In a long while and an prime example of what happens when you try to copy off someone elses own sucess.

It gets 1 out of 5 stars.

If you want a better visual novel mecha jrpg game, play 13 sentenials by ATLUS.


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