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devil may cry 5

Devil may cry is the 5th entry in the devil may cry series after a long hiatus it finally made a comeback after the totally unnecessary reboot by ninja theory.

Same type of story as per a typical devil may cry game where a huge demon threat happens and its up to Dante and company to solve the mystery why are they attacking in the first place.

It has a recap to what happened in the previous games and it also resolves some older plotpoints that never were really elaborated much in the previous games too.

It also connects to the anime too with certain plot points in it.

It’s a fairly long game.

The hack and slash gameplay is as good as ever with new weapons like a michael jackson hat that makes you do dance moves against enemies to a literal motor cycle.

V’s combat is based around Chaos Legion which had summoning monsters to fight for you and it was pretty interesting experiment.

Lots of enemy variety in it too old and new.

Neroes combat is based around cybernetic arm abilties and you can choose from a variety of them too.

The boss fights were as big as ever too.

The control system was good.

The graphics is as good as ever and the level designs too were also really good.

The atmosphere of cheesiness is back with a touch of seriousness to it.

The music too was also good the music also gets louder based on how you play the game the higher the combo rank the better it is.

The ending did felt kind of sequely baity though.

The bloody palace makes its return from previous games.

There were some extra content too like replaying missions.

I did not liked the dlc at all since it was really unecessary microtransatctions.

Overall it was a pretty decent game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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