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Dirge of cerberus

Dirge of cerberus is a sequel to final fantasy 7 advent children taking place after the events of the movie. It focuses on Avalanche and Vincent Valentine stopping a terrorist group deepground from destroying the planet.

The graphics and visuals really hold up well still to this day.

It follows a third person shooter format with some beat em up elements to it but it was honestly really unengaging and boring. Especially with how easy it could be all for the wrong reasons.

Cait Sith’s stealth missions were not fun to take part in either not only because of its annoying tone but because it just really didn’t made sense to have them in the first place.

The character designs on the otherhand save for the main ff7 cast everyone else just looked really unusual and not in a good way and you can notice that Tetsuya Nomura really went overboard with the zippers and belts design to the point it looks more tacky than it does with cool honestly.

The story is even more of a mess than it was before, and I'm not going to go into spoilers or anything but it just felt like a total mess of retcons after retcons and lot of stuff just feels like it was just there to pad and add more to the ff7 lore than what already should have been there in the first place.

Vincent he’s just incredibly flat and his voice acting compared to the main cast from avalanche was just pretty bland and he stays there and just does nothing but try to be edgy as he possibly can be.

The ranking system compared to any other jrpg I have played just felt weird and pretty vague incohrent mess to get what you need to do first and not even helping is how badly programmed the AI could be for like escorting npcs to the objective point.

The level design often felt pretty uncomfortable to go through due to enclosed some places were and the camera especially made it even worse.

The music on the other hand from Gackt was the best thing about the game. Otherwise hearing the same sounds over and over again were annoying. He also voices gensis too in the Japanese dub.

The Japanese version has a multiplayer but to be honest knowing this game it wouldn’t have matter in the first place and with final fantasy 14 and 11 being a thing it wouldn’t have made sense either to have one.

Overall this is the worst final fantasy game other than explorers which was an outright monster hunter rip off.

It gets 2 out of 5 stars.

Its going to be remade eventually but hopefully it doesn’t fall for the same mistakes again.


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