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Final Fantasy 7

Final fantasy 7 is the 7th entry of the final fantasy series and also the one that really set JRPGS on the map and what made Square Enix the powerhouse development team they are known today.

This was supposed to be for the nintendo 64 but the technology for the n64 wasn’t enough to carry out square enix plans so they went with the ps1.

It was supposed to be xenogears at one point but it evolved into its own ip due to how way too dark it was at the time for a final fantasy game as mentioned in my xenogears review, and this was supposed to be a mystery thriller set in New York City but it eventually with to parasite eve.

Some of the concepts you see too, like Avalanche and the thriller elements were reworked into a cyberpunk setting from parasite eve.

It focuses on Cloud and Avalanche as they are on the way to stop Shinra from destroying the planet and uncover a much bigger conspiracy as their journey goes by.

The story is notable for many things like its notable shift to a more multi dimensional morally complicated cast trying to fight for a greater good even if their actions are labeled as evil by the powers that be and also the dark tone especially at the end of disc one.

Sure there were some comedic moments the worst being Caith Sith while the best being the ones with Cloud’s crossdressing scene in the honeybee inn and the bananaboat.

The environmentalism theme is pretty prominent throughout the story and the backstories of characters and their motivations for being in avalanche was very compelling.

The art and graphics are still incredible to this day. So is the music and audio too its still is to this day one of the best video game sountracks ever to be composed even with technological limitations at the time its still is the best.

The active time battle Combat in the game is pretty good and theres a good amount of places where you can grind easily and the ap point system and limit breaks were pretty fun to utilze.

The motorcycle sequence still holds up really well to this day and it was one of the best moments in the game.

There was a lot of side content to do case in point the golden saucer where you can play games for rewards. But some of the minigames there due to its limitations at the time could be pretty annoying to play.

You can even unlock new party members to help you on your journey.

Some of the gltiches in the game can be use to help you exploit stuff like unlimited items but they go away in later versions.

The artstyle change from realisitc and chibi was a result from the game developers not being sure which style they should have stuck with hasn’t aged well.

The wutai side missions weren’t fun to take part in either too especially with not being able to use your materia.

The dialogue in the game its so bad its hilarious and its one of the worst cases of localization in the 90s and the characters in the game here aren’t like the original counterparts keep in mind.

Overall it still holds up well.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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