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Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd F

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd is a sequel to Project Diva F on the PS3 and Playstation Vita and was developed by Crypton media and SEGA. Like every other game in the series, there is no story to follow. The player has to complete the songs in order to beat the game. You can choose the level of difficulty on each song. You can play as Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Kaito, Meiko and the Kagamine Twins like in the previous game.

(My personal favorite songs from Miku has been Triple Baka, World Is Mine,Tell Your World,Freely Tommrow,Romeo And Cinderella,Ohedo Julia and Worlds End Dancehall if i had choose 2 that are my all time favorites its world is mine and triple baka)

The main objective is to reach the highest score possible by playing each song and as you successfully complete each song another one unlocks. You can use the points you earned from each song to purchase new stuff for the vocaloids like clothes, acessories and decorations for their rooms.

(I personally prefer vocaloids instead of v-tubers to be completely honest with you guys as i still never was and never will be into youtube or youtubers at all.)

The controls are pretty straightforward and easy to learn. Levan Polka is once again used as the tutorial for the gameplay. The control system is really straight forward and easy to learn. There are some new elements in the gameplay.

(I really love looking at the fanarts of hatsune miku alot!)

The controls are pretty straightforward and easy to learn. Levan Polka is once again used as the tutorial for the gameplay. The control system is really straight forward and easy to learn. There are some new elements in the gameplay.

(Scoring system)

Two new star icons are introduced- Double and Link. The Double Icon is a star with the letter W in the center. Actuation is different but very similar for both versions. For the PS Vita, it requires two thumbs to swipe the touchscreen at the same time. For the PS3 version, both analog sticks must be flicked at the same time. The Link Icon looks the same as a regular star, but with yellow lines connecting some stars together. For the PS Vita, players need to swipe across the touchscreen in time with the linked stars. For the PS3, players use the analog sticks to hit the linked stars.

(Miku's Po Pi Po song be helping ya'll weebs be eating ya veggies huh?)

Some of the returning songs from the PSP games now have chance time events and depending on how well you play, an alternate ending of the song appears.

Like in Project Diva F1, there is an augmented reality mode where you can have your own personal Hatsune Miku concert and you can also have the Vocaloids do photoshoots where you can dress them up with your choice of background. You can also decorate the user interface screen with skins like in diva arcade. Now every icon in the game (Normal, Arrow, Scratch, Double Scratch, Trace Scratch) have their own separate sounds. Besides just Hatsune Miku’s music, there’s also other vocaloid music like Megaurine Luka’s “Luka Luka Night Fever”. New songs and old ones like the Yuri oriented “Magnet” which is about 2 lovers who are attracted to each other but in feudal Japan, their relationship would be frowned upon.

I did some more research into the meanings behind some vocaloid songs and the music is actually way darker than initially thought. Close Open and The Demons of The Dead are about childhood prostitution in Japan and if you watched the music video, she folds her kimono in the way it's done in funerals and she skips the number 4 in the song because its bad luck in Japanese culture. Kagamin Rin’s songs fall in 2 extremes with no in between either really grimdark or very cheerful. Each of the songs on its own is a short story.

(Side fact did you in the double lariat music video on nico nico douga even if you pause it still moves? Plus the song was made in reference for Luka still doing well despite being overshadowed by other vocaloids especially Miku)

The animation especially the dance choreography is as great as ever. The graphics and visuals are really great. The module designs are updated to give a more natural and realistic appearance and it works very well. The visuals like before, are distracting since so much stuff happens on screen. If you have saved data from Project Diva F, you can unlock your previous modules and accessories by importing it into Project Diva F 2nd. However, both game saves need to be the same region. There is an option to import the save file from the Japanese version from the Title Screen in the English version.

(If i was a vocaloid producer Blackrazor187 and DJ K-Dawg are totes going to be my handle)

After you finish the game, occasional spotlight songs with a rainbow border appears. You can see the song as soon as it gets spotlight, and when you press back, the song automatically becomes your pick but you can ignore it if you want to. When playing these songs, you earn 2x the dp.

The only real complaint I would have to say would be that there isn’t any other vocaloids like Gumi or Kasane Teto given how they also are pretty popular.

This is a really great music game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

The virtual fictional anime girls are not only a creative way for otaku musicians to publish their music but also a lucrative way for brands to make a profit as Hatsune Miku is a very popular model.

Domino’s pizza really did a very laughable commercial featuring Hatsune Miku and my only comment is that someone at SEGA/Crypton Media held him and his family at gunpoint.

Other commercials were Lawsons stores, fashion brands and food and those are typical commercials you'd often see of Miku.

(That smile isn't geniune at all btw)


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