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megaman battle network anime

Megaman battle network is an anime adaptation of the video game series of the same name from the Megaman franchise. 

Its a pretty long series and at one point it was entirely on youtube by Capcom and they should honestly bring it back as an off topic note. 

Like the games itself it focuses on internet connections going haywire and being used for villainous stuff and its up to the characters to stop the bad guys who go by ww3. 

The story follows the game somewhat but it does diverge from the original story from time to time atypical of many 2000s adaptations. 

The characters like in the games itself as generic and not really interesting as before especially since this series follows lot of the 2000s shonen tropes as mentioned before in my game review of battle network and of course it will be pretty predictable too. 

It actually allows for somewhat more exploration into the characters than the games which is kind of interesting. 

Like for example if you remember ms yuri from the original game she’s actually a bad guy in the anime. 

As expected of the voice acting too coming from the 2000s its as hammy as you expected it to be. 

Worse yet is that the English dub abridges alot more content than it really should have been so best to stick to the sub and also even future episodes randomly dont have dubs either something you really not going to be seeing in todays world of voice acting. 

Lan and Megaman like before does most of the legwork here. 

The music was good. 

The action too was fairly ok similar as before with the card based combat.  

The cgi on the otherhand can look dated at times. 

The animation is decent and so is the artstyle too. 

Overall it was a decent anime adaptation. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

Fun fact there was even a scholastics books tie in with megaman battle network and had i see them in my scholastic book fairs back during the elementary school days i would have most likely gotten into manga faster than i did in high school. 



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