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megaman battle network collection

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection is a compilation of the six mainline Battle Network games in the Megaman series.The series was inspired during the card game hype craze from series like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon to name a few. The game was intended to be horrorthemed but shifted to focusing on a younger audience partly due to the popularity of the Gameboy Advance at the time.It focuses on Lan Hikari going against Dr. Willy and his organization. They hope to start World War 3 and destroy society and it’s up to Lan and his friends to stop the evil genius.

Combat is focused on a mix of real time Megaman shooter combat and tactics. You fight enemies mainly in random encounters, but the first game has it really bad with fights happening every few seconds.As each game progress, thereare differentvariations of combat like how your Megaman is feeling and what kind of performance they’ll have in combat. The game introduces a megabuster system that can help you ease through combat easily and it can be useful.You can earn cash or cards during combat and you can level up by finding powerup chips to boost your health or your weapon power.

You can purchase a variety of cards and even unlock rare cards in shop through battles too. You can purchase armor that provide you with a wide array of benefits. Other than earning cards in combat you can find them in stores, on the net or in the real world. You can fight other players too to help you progress through the story to reach other areas you may need to go to.

I liked the graphics and art direction of the game the character designs were fine otherwise I did see a lot of repeating designs for the non playable characters though. The games have a lot of replay value. For dungeon exploring you have to find internet jacks to connect and explore till you reach the end and fight the boss.

The story was really not the most original and it certainly wasn’t the most fun either since it was predictable and at times very cheesy even by 2000s Shounen standards. There was a feeling of sameness as the games progressed. The characters too were pretty tropey and I found them unrelatable. Dr. Willy was very insecure and the whole plot was due to his jealousy. The dialogue was annoying and pointless.

The level design and puzzle solving was an absolute mess. In the Ice Dungeon, I had to save every few steps there just so I don’t repeat doing the same thing over and over again just in case I slid to the wrong area. I had to rely on walkthroughs just to get through one dungeon because of its poor design. I refused to go back there as I made sure to get all of what I needed to help me in future battles. There wasn’t a mini-map to indicate your location. I know the DS version double team has but strangely not the next generation versions. That being said, they were often dragging on longer than it really should have been so the filler in the game was just way too tiring.

I personally liked the internet connection concept as it provides a unique twist to the monster duel cards at the time of the 2000s. The remastered version brings the trading cards right here to the west as at the time. You could only find those cards in Japan. There is a player vs player multiplayer feature I'm sure fans would enjoy. It also has a soundtrack playlist where you can listen to the music of the game and the music itself is pretty good too. You can also change the background border for the screen too.

Overall, this was a pretty good remastered game.

It gets 4 out 5 stars.


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