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metroid prime remastered

Metroid Prime remastered is a port from the original Gamecube game.Honestly,it is a well deserved port coming following the success of Metroid Dread and Nintendo is finally starting to listen to fans demand of bringing back some of their older classics.At the time, this was like an experiment to see how Nintendo could utilizeMetroid, one of their other games, in a 3D perspective as it wasn’t really made for the N64 at the time due to limitations.

The game focuses on Samus going after Ridley and the Space Pirates on a derelict ship on a planet called Tallion iv.Samus must explore the planet and uncover the Chozo’ssecrets in order to stop them.You have to explore all around the map with different abilities to see what you may have missed to progress through to the story. The gameutilizes a cross between the Metroidvania and a first person perspective.It took me a while to get used to platforming in this game since it is from a first person perspective as I'm more accustomed to 3D or 2D styles.

You find all sorts of equipment to help you on your exploration. You can lock onto enemies, and this can be very useful in tight situations. You can scan around areas to interact with objects to help you progress through the game’s various locations. Be prepared to use your map quite a bit because it is easy to get lost.

The upscaled graphics and art and world design were outstanding. The loading times were super quick because of the remastered technology. There was numerous environments to explore. Its lot more accessible too with an even easier mode too and thankfully there is hints to help you guide where to go next. The atmosphere was broody and has this sense of dreariness to it. There is a bunch of extras to look at like concept art for example.

The biggest complaint really is this odd decision to use the old credit scenes and not the current roster of developers in Retro studios. Also, it is a somewhat unfortunate that Kraid, one of my favorite bosses in Metroid Dread was not part of this remastered version.

Overall it was a pretty fun game.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Finally, after like about years of me mentioning on and off on some reviews here that Nintendo is giving their older ips the attention they deserve after maybe just being an Easter Egg for Smash and that’s about it. Plus with the Mario rpg remake coming around and Square Enix recent success with their 2D hd games and Advance Wars 1-2 being remade and finally released, I really hope this leads to Nintendo and other Japanese gaming companies to give their older ips a revisit and finally give a new lease on life and a chance for newer games to enjoy them. I really hope this also means that Paper Mario Thousand Year Door and really wishful thinking the CING and Famicom Detective games makes a huge comeback again too.


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