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monochrome factor

Monochrome factor is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name.

The story focuses on Akira Nakido a smart yet underachieving highschooler who gets themselves caught up in a strange world along with others called the Shadow World and Akira along with the other people they encounter in the shadow world must fight these strange beings and solve the mysteries within it.

The concept is not exactly the most original especially with the light versus darkness theme that kingdom hearts has popularized but there is still some entertainment value in how its pulled off.

The characters were pretty typical of what one would see in a shonen series.

The chemistry between the two leads Shirogane and Akira were pretty compelling to look at. Otherwise don’t really expect much in the way of character development here.

The artstyle and character designs were pretty decent. The animation was for the most part fine too.

The action was also okay too.

The comedy on the otherhand was pretty cheesy and it fell flat at least to me.

I also enjoyed the music of the anime too.

If you feel that its short then that’s because only 4 volumes of it were released by Tokyopop and not the complete series sadly there is about 11 volumes of it and you can find the complete stories of it online on places like mangadex if you want the full story as it’s a fairly long one.

Here in the anime its about 24 episodes and this was when the manga was still ongoing too.

The pacing here in the anime can be off from time to time. The fillers especially yeah they also were just there to really drag out the story longer than it should be again due to the manga still ongoing at that time.

Overall this was an decent adaptation.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

It could certainly benefit from a full reboot telling the full story. There was also a video game based on the series too but it’s a dating simulator for the ps2 atypical of what shoujos in the 2000s would get to boost the franchise popularity.


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