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Moonchild is a j-drama horror sci fi story written by Gackt who also stars in the movie along with Hyde.

Its set in the near future with the story taking part in multiple decades where one huge collapse of the economy happens and its set in the fictional city of Maleppa and it focuses on a vampire love triangle between the lead characters.

If you thinking its gay lol close but no cigar just because 2 guys that are hot and are part of a specific subculture of metal in particular Japan, its not that.

Ok so the concept is pretty interesting as its almost like one part neji and another part bloodhound and throw in some visual prison in it too.

Maleppa is a pretty gritty place too where lots of crime and corruption goes on.

The music of the movie was pretty decent.

The acting too and the chemistry between characters was pretty good.

The action of the movie was decent enough too fitting given that it was 2000s matrix style action.

The downbeat tone and atmosphere was suitable for the movie.

I did liked the visual style of the movie too especially considering my fondness of older visual kei styles back in the day.

It can be kind of a slow burner though from time to time.

I honestly wish the movie also had a bit more world building in it as it was a really interseting story idea to have.

Overall it was a decent movie.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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