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neptunia senran kagura

Neptunia x senran kagura is a crossover between the hyperdimension neptunia and senran kagura series. 

It focuses on the characters from gaminjustri trying to fight off an evil threat. 

So the story is not really that special and the characters well are as cliched as one expects them to be. 

The comedy too as well as expected isn’t really that great either. 

The gameplay is hack and slash focused and its main goal is to defeat as much enemies as you can till you reach the boss. 

You have a fair share of characters to select from either series but then again lot of the characters from other games from what I look at doesn’t seem to appear here. 

Its actually pretty easy combat wise. 

You can use a wide array of speical abilties to assist you in combat and you’re able to customize and select an array of perks to help you out. 

The worst thing about the combat is really just repetitive objectives and filler here and there that’s really it otherwise the game is really short only finishable in a day. 

Theres side quests you can do for rewards but really just often the same objective. 

You can take part in mini games like peach meditation for bonuses. 

The level designs too were pretty straight forward but nothing really interesting to explore around in. 

The graphics were generally ok and so was the art too. 

The music was ok too. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

Its really for hardcore fans of either series. 


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