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Occultic Academy

Occultic academy is an anime series created by Aniplex. It focuses on a Waldstein Academy student Maya and Fumiaki Uchida who is a time traveler. Currently, the world is being invaded by extraterrestrial beings so the duo travel back in time in the year 1999 to look for the Nostradamus Key which according to a prophesy, will bring about the destruction of the world.  

Story wise, the concept is pretty interesting and not something you would probably see in anime these days. Each myth is based on real world supposed “happenings” like the chupcabras for example. The animation was generally ok and the artstyle too was excellent. The comedy was really not good as it was just repetitive and none of the joke hit their mark. The pacing is inconsistent where some segments are too slow while other just seem to flash by. Tonal wise it was pretty inconsistent too from dark but not like Berserk dark, but it just keeps bouncing back and forth with deciding which tone to go for leading to a muddled mess. The characters too were pretty much generic and entirely forgettable. 


Maya especially was just abusive and often treated others like below them and it wasn’t really that funny or humorous to watch. The music and voice acting were generally fine especially having Morning Musume’s iconic love machine as one of the tracks for the anime. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

This series is really for hardcore fans of Aniplex. 


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