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parappa the rapper anime

Parappa the rapper is an anime based on the video game of the same name.

It focuses on Parappa’s daily misadventures with his friends and also introduces characters that weren’t in the original game from what I have looked up. The anime also focuses a lot more on the world of parappa the rapper as well too and that was a pretty interesting idea. Just like in the video game from what I looked up, it focuses on wacky situations and Parappa and company trying to resolve them.

Also the plots for each episode are just really bizarre, like a shy teacher trying to be more assertive but when a bucket is in one of his feet he becomes this total jerk acting like he’s got control but in reality is just coming across like a bully no better than the students he tries to teach and he goes back to shy again in the end.

Each episode is procedual so it doesn’t really follow any overarching storyline that is established.

Atmosphere wise it does retain the lighthearted cheesyness of the original game.

The voice acting was good theres no English voice acting though its only in subs.

Ironically for a kids show, the dialogue can be a bit edgy like there were words like “bastard” and “hell” and I don’t know if its just me, but yeah not the best for a kids anime. I have no problem with naughty words but it just did not fit there at all like really it did not.

In fact apparently it was actually meant to be for teenagers but it just switched over to kids stuff apparently. According to Rodney Allen Greenblatt the designer of the series who had not that much involvement in it. The reason why for that, it was because Sony wanted to sell merch of Parappa for kids so that’s why you see such a huge conflicting style.

At least the music though was done by the series music composer.

Comedy wise, its pretty cheesy and lighthearted.

Now the opening and ending music is really catchy but there is one big problem and a huge one, there is hardly any part in the anime based on a rapping dog and that was just really beyond strange and not even master Onion had a rapping part either. None of the tracks from the game either like chop chop Onion.

In fact speaking of the teachers, they didn’t really appear that much in the anime which was pretty sad. Prince Fleaswallow and Master Onion are the ones that I can remember come up but otherwise sadly hardly any appearance.

Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy did appear though and her other bandmate Katy Kat did appeared but not Ma the drummer for milkcan the band Lammy fronts.

just like in the games, Parappa has a crush on Sunny but he gets friendzoned a lot by her even in his imagination scenes he still gets the friendzone.

The animation and visuals look kinda fuzzy though even by 90s standards, otherwise the artstyle was faithful to the original game, but it doesn’t have the paper like style you would see in the game.

It’s a fairly long anime as well up to 30 episodes but you can breeze through them in a day since its like Devil May Cry almost no established plot just go along with the ride of cringe.

Character wise from what I looked up, they were as like in the game but with a bit more backstory and personality quirks to them. And some of the anime characters I really didn’t like that much such as Paula Fox as I found her to be too harsh for my liking. So don’t expect any multi complex characters in this anime they’re pretty simple.

Theres also some imagination/daydream sequences as well from both kids and adults really showing how everyone in the series has an apparently creative mind.

The anime over was alright but not really that great either.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Now I wanna buy the original games and hope it does make a comeback soon since now Lammy and Parappa would be busy working together on emo rap or trap metal kind of music knowing how popular it is these days.


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