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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon brilliant diamond is a remake of the original diamond from the ds.

Like many pokemon games it focuses on the player’s journey to become the champion and also stop the bad guys in this case, it would be team galactic.

You face of the gym leader of each respective city earn the badge than go to the next one and also stop the bad guys from trying to take over the world in this case it would be team galactic.

You can choose the gender and name for the character you are going for and like in the usual mainline games each version has a different set of pokemon depending on what you go for.

Gameplay wise it’s the typical turn based formula and weakness explotation like before.

The characters for the most part were pretty entertaining.

Unlike in the original game the pacing is a lot quicker because of battles aren’t being damage sponges like before dragging out longer than it really should have been for the most part that is. Leveling up is also pretty quick thanks to the level share mechanic so battles are thankfully taken cared of with ease.

The customization features in the game it just felt pretty lacking and not that in depth. There was quite a bit of technical hiccups too.

There's a lot and I mean a lot of things that are so wrong with this game.

The chibi artstyle felt really strange and the shift from chibi to more traditional 3d style was something I hadn’t seen since 90s jrpgs have done especially final fantasy 7 and this is way outdated. The graphics in the game it felt really more like an upscaled 3ds game than anything.

The animation too it just looked pretty stiff and not really that apepaling.

What it should have been personally in my opinion was going for the hd-2d style that square enix has popularized with games like octopath,triangle stratgey and live a live. Otherwise the general artstyle was fine as it is.

The pokedex wasn’t like the one in platinum apparently and barely anything from platinum was brought over here and come to think of it why was 2 versions remade and not platinum which was the best version of both games?

I also found the updated music to be really annoying and not that fun to hear.

There was some padding and filler in it dragging the story longer than It really should have been sadly even with its updated pacing.

The poketech screen was retooled into the main user interface but it kind of felt awkawrd to use since it didn’t really felt like the ds version of it.

The random encounters were just so annoying every few seconds even worst than the random encounter rate in crisis core of all things.

You can use the global transit station now thanks to an update.

The super contests were like the project diva games but not really that fun as it was mainly just rhythm games but not much variet to them.

Overall this was an even further step back from what sword and shield did.

It gets 2 out of 5 stars.

I still think game freak should just bring back drilldozer and make it a full on jrpg for new and old audiences and give pokemon games a break.


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