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resident evil marhawa desire

Resident evil marhawa desire is a manga side story taking place before the events of the 6th game.

Its set in a private school somewhere in the Singapore area and it focuses on Ricky Tozawa and his uncle Doug Wright investigating supposed b.o.w activity in the prestiogous Marhawa christian private school a place that’s very off the grid and has quite the whats in vegas stays in vegas kind of mentality since they’re really controlling over their own image.

Otherwise it’s the typical formula where someone gets the virus and causes an outbreak and its up to the heroes to save the day.

The school as time goes by turns out to have quite a bullying issue the school setting is a pretty interesting premise and it almost reminds me of the manga life and to a bit of an extent othello with the school bullying and female students being involved in lot of the events in the story so it was facinating to see this unique expirament.

The b.o.w’s were pretty disgusting and I think if they were to appear in the game they would been quite the boss fight.

The characters and dialogue its resident evil at this point you’re really here for the mainline characters like Chris,Jill,Barry,Claire,Leon and even Hunk otherwise meh with Ricky who’s really the typical horror mc in contrast to the special forces trained mainline team.

It’s a fairly long story too and it has the classic messed up horror style of the games but with the action movie style during the time before the newer games came around to course correct that direction.

Yep it can get bloody with the action from time to time it makes sense knowing the story.

Overall it was a decent manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

There was at one point supposed to be an anime adaptation of the manga but maybe it could happen one day.


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