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Resident Evil Operation Racoon City

Resident Evil Operation Racoon City is a non canon spin off that takes place during the events of the second game.

It focuses on Wolfpack a group of umbrella security services who has to clean up the mess of umbrella and kill any survivors they see while racoon city is decaying.

The spoilers has a ending based on which you rather go with but honestly none of it matters since there is no sequel of it coming.

It was apparently written by one of the writers from the Apex Legends series honestly not surprised considering my contempt for shooters.

Voice acting too its ok that’s really bout it.

The only interesting character here was HUNK since he gets more screentime than he did in any of the other games that’s really it everyone else here was flat even by capcom standards.

Its typical 3rd person shooter gameplay, you work with your teammates each with their own special abilties you can utilze to help you in combat and unlock new perks to make things easier.

You can use zombies as human shields yeah, that honestly doesn’t make much sense now when you think of it because they can just bite you even through the armor they have.

You can find healing items nad ammo like before sure lot more than what I found in the remake consideirng the aciton focus here.

Its not really that scary honestly, because it was more focused on action than anything else. Fighting any of the enemies wasn’t really that fun either.

The mission objectives can be pretty stupid, like fighting 3 tyrants all at once is suicide and I honestly had more of a chore and annoyance dealing with the nemesis here than I did with the remake since one mission had you trying to get him to follow orders again but so much eniemes here are damage sponges they were more boring.

The graphics were decent and the art was pretty good too that’s really the only good thing I have to say.

There was said to be a multiplayer feature in it but that has to be long since dead now.

This was a fucking disaster of a game.

It gets 1 out of 5 stars.

Yeah I wish HUNK came back already with his own game along with Rebecca,Billy and Ada and maybe one day wolfpack is going to be retconned as canon in their own game with hunk.


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