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Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the sequel to the first revelations game and this takes place before the events of the 6th game.

This has a 4 episode format but well I pretty much waited until a full version of all the episodes on disc.

This game is more of a throwback to the more horror style than so the action adventure style it went with for a while.

The literature influence for this game is Kafka’s works another interesting idea here for this game.

Same writer as before Dai Sato from the first revelations game and also included is Yudai Yamaguchi as the cutscene director for this game who’s a perfect fit knowing how much admittedly b movie like the series is really is especially during the early to mid 2010 period of the games.

It focuses on Claire and Moria who were kidnapped by one of the Wesker children Alex and they must find a way to escape the zombie infected island and stop Alex.

What makes it even worse is that they’re infected with a fear based virus where any negative emotion can cause you to be a zombie so calm and steady is the way to go here.

If anything it feels almost like a Code Veronica rehash.

The island is pretty messed up from the Soviet shit to the torture devices you find the more you keep playing the more messed up the island really gets.

The atmosphere here was pretty gritty and just brutal even more than the first Revelations game.

So the story is atypical of a Resident Evil game.

The game is notable for bringing back Barry Burton after being absent in the games for a long time as Moira is Barry’s daughter and Barry was the real star in the game since Barry brought back the kind of comedy that made Barry such a really well liked character in the first place.

Like before it relies on partners to help you out and its expanded on this game where you and your partner have to work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Moira’s flashlight can be used to find hidden items like puzzle pieces or ammo whereas Natalia can get around to places Barry wouldn't be able to get through.

Theres a perk system and grading sytem you get based on how well you did in the story so it can be easier to get through in the game.

The voice acting was generally fine and as expected of the series the dialogue is pretty much atrocious to the point of hilarity.

The graphics of it is pretty good and so were the art,character designs and monster designs too.

The game can be something of a slow burner due to it being broken up into multiple sections so its best to play it in bursts.

The music of the game is pretty good.

It honestly doesn’t make sense for it to have 2 endings especially given how predictable the stories of the games can pretty much be with the characters always winning.

You can find parts to customize your weapons with like before to help you in combat.

Same issue as before the enemy variety isn’t as much as there should have been as this is next gen technology at the time so they could have added a few more enemies as I personally found them to be pretty fucked up looking and had quite a bit of fun fighting with for the most part.

I honestly didn’t liked Moira since I found her to be a crybaby a lot of the times like even Ethan of all people wasn’t moping around and crying all the time and Natalia or spoilers future main villain.

(maybe if Crapcom doesn’t make her another fucking one off like they do with lot of the characters in the series) Natalia Wesker wasn’t a moping around crying all the time and she was pretty crafty and resourceful so I found her bond with Barry to be more compelling than what Claire and Moira had at least to me.

The Barry and Natalia side of the story one could say is like watered down version of the last of us but better Resident Evil than The Last Of Us I say lol fuck radical far left dogshit like TLOU.

Also nitpick wise they pretty much threw out Clare’s motherly nature like weird that they would do that really just to focus on Moira.

Get ready to do quite a bit of back tracking as expected from the games.

Theres a raid mode in it too like in the first revelations game.

Overall it was a decent game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

If theres going to be a next revelations game, they should just bring back characters like HUNK,Billy or Carlos back have them focus on the one off characters to lesser known ones from other spin offs to have their chance to shine again.

Unlikely that’s going to happen anytime soon, since Crapcom is more likely to rape people and infect them with the STD variant of the t virus instead if you don’t buy shit like umbrella corps or operation racoon city lol.

So that being said, I do plan on doing more Resident Evil reviews provided that the quality is up to par and not something milked out just for the sake of it.


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