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Terror Of The Strauss

Terror of the strauss is a Japan only psp jrpg by nudemaker the developers of infinite space.

The game has 2 different modes extermination mode which takes a shooter format and defense mode which takes on a more sidescroller style of gameplay.

It’s the atypical aliens invading earth type of story in the near future of the late 2050s and the aliens are refered to as “memes” yes that’s the name of them and since it takes some references with metal gear solid and maybe the world ends with you it revolves around how they use information from humans in order to help advance their goals in world domination.

Each character also had their own strengths and weaknesses while utilzed in combat.

After you send a weakness report to your commanding officer, you can move on to extermination mode where you’re locked in a battle with an outer space invaders.

Players get a mech called an Arabaki to pilot, but you cannot defeat this enemy with regular attacks. Using the intelligence gathered earlier, players must formulate a strategy and exploit the mammoth monster’s weak points.

Do keep in mind characters can be killed off at any moment but you can save them in other playthroughs.

So again its not really the most original concept,story or characters out there.

Its up to Kudan and allies to stop the aliens from reaching their goal.

The art was done by the artist of Bacanno which was pretty neat and the graphics for its time was decent enough.

Defeating enemies and rescuing civilians earns merit points. It is also paid as a special reward when the singularity is defeated. These are converted when items and equipment are supplied, and parameters are increased. Something like money.

Theres also a population counter too that functions as a meter that represents the total population of a nation. It decreases when the main characters take damage. It decreases steadily during the stage, so at first glance it seems to decrease over time, but this is because it takes a certain amount of time to decrease from the judgment, and in reality (except for events) unless the main characters receive damage No sharp decrease.

It doesn't affect the game itself, but the final numbers are displayed in a ranking format in the ending, and are also judged when unlocking benefits.

The music too was ok.

You can be able to upgrade your equipment as time goes by based on the enimies that you do kill.

The anime cutscenes for its time was decently animated.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

If this game had an international audience and remade today it would have been a huge hit same goes for infinite space as that’s a game that would really benefit from the hd-2d treatment.

Maybe even a anime adaptation too one day.


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