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The Aliance Alive HD

The Alliance Alive HD is a ported version from the original 3ds game to home consoles.

Its based off the SaGA series in terms of gameplay and story where the game focuses on multiple characters all connected together somehow to stop a greater threat.

You level up your stats like strength,magic,speed or defense depending on what skill you use in combat often.

It can take for a very long while for it to develop though.

The characters weren’t really the most original and the voice acting too was pretty bland.

The graphics were ok and otherwise the art style was pretty good.

The music too was generally ok.

The game has a feature where there are guilds that give you special abilities to help you in world exploration and combat.

Towers are able to communicate with each other during the course of the game using the Telegraph system, which allows Towers to gain experience levels and unlock new abilities based on what speciality they focus on.

Magic is only accessible to Daemon characters, although certain weapon types can access magic-like abilities for human characters such as healing.

During combat, characters can enter an "Ignition" state once the Ignition gauge is filled from being attacked.

Entering an Ignition state, which can rise in intensity based on current skills, attack power is increased at the cost of higher skill point consumption for special abilities. When in an Ignition state, a character can launch a special "Final Strike" attack which deals high damage. If a character in the same class as the attacker is next to them, they will "Reinforce" the Final Strike, creating a longer attack chain.

Sometimes awakening happens when a more powerful ability is available to use.

Some of the enemies in the game can be really cheap and just use underhanded tactics to kill you and your party instantly.

Overall it was a ok game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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