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Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo XanadueX+ is a spin off from the Dragon Slayer series and a new iteration of the Xanadu game.Falcom wanted to separate from their other JRPGs by having an urban fantasy setting in contrast to the other games they’ve made.It focuses on a group of high schoolers trying to solve a mystery of why Morimiya City is under threat from an alternate world known as “Eclipse”.’

The graphics as expected from the 3D side of Falcomgameswas below averagebut the art design was ok. The characters too were unoriginal too and like Trails of Cold Steel, there are times when you can bond with them for extra bonuses. The voice acting was averageand which suits the cringey dialogue. There is more story includedin the newer versions like the PS4 and now the Switch that includes an extra ending once you completed them.It’s also admittedly kind of sequel bait too since it mentions there’s lot more to come in the futurebut there haven’t really been any signs of sequel development since then.

The dungeons are fairly straight forward sometimes you may have to press a switch to continue on but otherwise progress is fairly linear. You can replay dungeons after you visited them. Combat wise, it does get to be pretty grindy from time to time. Each character has their own unique playstyle and special abilities they can use after a while in combat after a while of fighting.

The music was pretty good.

Overall, it was an ok game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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