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trails from azure

Trails from azure is the sequel and conclusion to the crossbell arc, of the trails series.

You can import save data, from the previous game to carry over your stats and there's a recap in case you may miss a nything but i really reccomend playing the first game before going through this one.

Like before it focuses on Loyd Bannings and friends continuing on keeping the peace as part of the special services of the crossbell police and trying to put an end to the conspiracies behind the crime and corruption like in before.

The characters as the same as ever in terms of personality and I was still not really that engaged with them all that much honestly.

It has pretty much most of the same gameplay mechanics as before there’s another all out special ability too that you can use to defeat enemies much quicker.

Also just as before you can convert orbs into money or use them to unlock new slots or get other special abiltiy orbs too.

The graphics and art as good as ever.

Turn based combat functions just the same after a while you build up energy to deliever a powerful attack.

Like before you can take on side quests and earn rewards based on the promotions you get as time goes by.

The music too is pretty good like before.

Theres new locations to explore in the game too.

Gem collecting returns same as before and like before too you can upgrade your equipment.

Backtracking and filler still is there sadly.

There is still no map to help you while exploring dungeons too sadly still too and not helping either yeah its like an expansion pack so if you’re looking for newer areas to explore well not much is there I'm afraid.

The dialogue, voice acting and really just the overall localization from NIS is as cringey as ever.

Some replay value

Overall it was a decent sequel.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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