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Note because i completely detest western localization companies and i absolutely think they should be blacklisted and banned from Japan i'm only going to be buying used anime either online or through retail stores or import it directly from importer retail sites like CdJapan or Play Asia as a result of free to watch sites like Horrible subs and Kiss Anime/Kiss Manga being closed down and how cheerleaders especially polikore for the western localization is cheering for how we actually viewed anime since it aired on the west and for making running this site harder than it should be. (Onigri is not an obscure rice snack exclusive to Japan all over Canada has Japanese places selling it.)

Plus region lock should never be made in the first place and now with modernization its now totally unnecessary and useless.

Tv shows
-Cowboy Bebop complete series
-Chaos Child Complete series
-Gundam Seed Destiny Movie collection (Bootleg dvd i found at a seedy anime store in Markham)
-DMC complete series (S.A.V.E variant)
-Darker Than Black Gemini of the meteor 
-Witch Hunter Robin Complete series
-Death Note Complete series
-Panty and stocking complete series
-Steins Gate part 1 complete
-Steins Gate part 2 complete
-Outlaw Star Complete Series
-Black butler season 1
-Black Butler season 2
-Black Butler murder book
-black butler book of circus
-Psycho Pass Part 1 season 1
-Psycho Pass Part 2 Season 1
-fist of the north star

-Bleach vol 12
-Psycho Pass Season 2
-Disgaea complete series
-Chaos Head Complete series
-Dna(2) (Japan import i found at a value village don't ask me how but someone donated it) 
-Various Yu-Gi-Oh DVDS
-Robotics Notes Complete series
-Eden Of The East
-Various dragon ball z dvds
-Various FMA dvds
-Various Yu Yu Hashino DVDs
-Various Inyuaha dvds
-Gangsta Complete series
-lucky star vol 1



-Psycho Pass The Movie

-Bayonetta Bloody Fate


-Batman Ninja

-Armitage III complete movie collection


-Street Fighter 2 

-Cowboy Bebop The Movie

-Black Butler Atlantic

-Afro Samurai The Movie


-ghost in the shell 2.0

-Ghost In The Shell 2 the movie

-Ghost In The Shell Arise New Movie

-Final Fantasy spirts

-ninja scroll

-wicked city

-Steins gate the movie


-Street Fighter Anime tapes

-Bubble Gum Crisis

-Gundam anime tapes

-Ninja Resurrection. 

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