Tv shows

-Cowboy Bebop complete series

-Chaos Child Complete series

-Gundam Seed Destiny Movie collection (Bootleg dvd i found at a seedy anime store in Markham)

-DMC complete series (S.A.V.E variant)

-Darker Than Black Gemini of the meteor 

-Witch Hunter Robin Complete series

-Death Note Complete series

-Panty and stocking complete series

-Steins Gate part 1 complete

-Steins Gate part 2 complete

-Outlaw Star Complete Series

-Black butler season 1

-Black Butler season 2

-Black Butler murder book

-black butler book of circus

-Psycho Pass Part 1 season 1

-Psycho Pass Part 2 Season 1

-Bleach vol 12


-Psycho Pass Season 2

-Disgaea complete series

-Chaos Head Complete series

-Dna(2) (Japan import i found at a value village don't ask me how but someone donated it) 

-Robotics Notes Complete series

-Eden Of The East

-Various dragon ball z dvds

-Various FMA dvds

-Various Yu Yu Hashino DVDs

-Various Inyuaha dvds

-Gangsta Complete series


-Psycho Pass The Movie

-Bayonetta Bloody Fate


-Batman Ninja

-Armitage III complete movie collection


-Street Fighter 2 

-Cowboy Bebop The Movie

-Black Butler Atlantic

-Afro Samurai The Movie


-ghost in the shell 2.0

-Ghost In The Shell 2 the movie

-Ghost In The Shell Arise New Movie

-Final Fantasy spirts

-ninja scroll

-wicked city

-Steins gate the movie

Sources where i get anime from

-Value Village (The amount of stuff from ex weebs and former casuals really surprises me)

-Best Buy 

-HMV (Closed now )

-Pawn shops


-Wal Mart (Oh sure avatar and the dcau are anime)

-Indie video stores 

-flea markets


-Street Fighter Anime tapes

-Bubble Gum Crisis

-Gundam anime tapes

-Ninja Resurrection. 

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