As a Japanese manga,anime and  game collector i have a very peculiar interest in having very weird,unusual and obscure stuff from Japan. As thats the stuff i am purely interested in.

If you have anything of interest you would like to send to me feel free to send me a message and pics that you do actually have the product. And i will let you know where to send it.

All of the stuff that i already have been sent will be checked off.

I am perfectly cool with also being sent other anime merch like gundam mechs or figurines. 

Outside of anime,manga and games i'd be more than happy if i also receive physical music albums of my favorite bands i listen too like Halestorm or Lacuna Coil.

Sending Hentai games,DVDS or VHS tapes is perfectly cool by me just keep it legal. 

I don't mind owning any duplicate copies at all as long its in one of my favorite anime,manga or games list.


-The golden gun con with the case,memory card and letter from Elemental Gearbolt

-Xenoblade 2 switch pro controller

-zelda switch pro controller

Stuff that i do not have at the moment but i would like to get.

-Lunar 2 Eternal Blue

-Sega Saturn with the retro replay.

-Arc The Lad complete

-Parasite Eve 2

-A Witches Wish (Found it and got it)

-aqua pazza


-Steal princess (Found it and got it 4 bday coming in July)

-Astral Chain

-Trinity Universe

-Cross Edge

-stella glow

-7th dragon 3

-Ar tonellico

-Persona 1 and 2

-Phantom Brave

-evil zone

-blue reflection (Found it and i got it)

-The complete xeno series

-akibas beat

-fairy fencer 

-blood will tell

-gungrave ps2

-House Of the dead

-Makenn x ps2

-Stella Deus

-omega quintlet

-aix troopers

-the musashi series.

-gundam seed games for the ps1,ps2 and ps3.


-ryu koku

-Nier (found it and got it)

-threads of fate

-castlevania order of ecclecia

-Phantasy star portable

-crimson tears

-nonary games

-killer7 (found it and got it)

-Bleach Dark souls

-Gotcha force

-Bleach soul resurection

-kill la kill if

-Complete records of agarest games.

-Hatsune Miku games.



-Vanguard bandits

-Albert Odyseey legend of eldeen

-Thousand arms (Found it and got it 4 bday coming in July)

-Super Robot Taisen OG Saga series


-the ds versions of the dragon quest games

-Custom Robo gamecube

-Every single Japanese and anime  visual novel on the ps vita.  

Japanese exclusive video games

-Exodus Guilty

-The school days visual novel and interactive dvd (Seriously)

-Black Butler ds

-Muso toro (found it and got it since now mails starting to open back up in Toronto now)

-Kanuchi: Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou

-Daigaso band bros

-Trace Memory 2 (The European version can work as well)

-Hotel Dusk 2 (The European version does work as well too) 

-Cowboy Bebop for the ps1 and ps2.

-Soma Bringer

-Sakura note (Found it and got it huge thanks to Steve form Nin Nin Game)

-Sigma Harmonics

-Eve Burst Terror

-Serial Expiraments Lain ps1

-Pixy Garden

-Double Cast (found it and got it from nin nin)

-Koi Youba

-Sampaguita (found it and got it from nin nin)

-X/1999 video games

-Noel La neige 

-To heart


-Tokimeiki Memorial Drama

-Kisetsu o dakishmete (found it and got it from nin nin)

-Evergreen avenue

-Mei King

-Hoshi no mahbora

-metamoru panic doki doki

-soma busters

-Sentimental Grafiti

-cross channel


-muv luv complete collection

-to heart

-little busters


-Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

-White album complete collection

-time leap

-the all ages (actual name for a ps3 visual novel)

-Infinte Stratos complete collection

-Suigetsu complete collection

-racing lagoon

All must be in excellent condition or even better sealed. 

Things i will absoultely not accept.

-Funko pops

-Anything from hot topic

-Fujoshi doujins 

-K-Pop merch

-Ellfen Lied Merch 

-Yaoi and Yuri anime,manga and video games because its fucking trash all of them. 



-Final Fantasy 13 limited edition ps3

-Fist of the north star limited edition ps3 console.

-Persona q limited edition 3ds console

-Persona 5 themed limited edition ps4 console

-Kingdom Hearts 3 ps4 pro

-Mario 3ds console

-Yakuza 3 limted edition ps3 console.

-Mario themed wii

-Zelda 3ds

- Kingdom Hearts 3ds

-Ace Attorney Stylus

-Orange Gamecube

-One Piece gold ps3

-tales of xillia ps3

-Yakuza 5 ps3 Japan exclusive console.

-All of the Fire Emblem Limited consoles.

-smash bros 3ds console edition

-monster hunter 3ds console edition

-hatsune miku ps4 slim model

-kingdom hearts 358/2 days dsi model

-The world ends with you ds lite model

-monster hunter ps4 pro console

-Wonder swan

-GBA advance

-Ps vita

-sega saturn

-Robotics Notes ps3 variant consoles.

-ps3 test model


-Complete Gundam Seed collection

-Complete Nana collection


-Persona trinity souls

-Requiem From the darkness

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