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About This Section

This is where i keep track of what kind of media analysis and research projects i plan on doing for this site and also to apply to my own skills as a writer.

This is list marks all current and completed projects that i am doing at the moment.

Its all for personal research purely and my own personal objective analysis on the subjects covered here.


Project 1 Square Enix JRPGS (Completed)

-Final Fantasy 3

-Final Fantasy 4

-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings Of Fate

-Chrono Trigger

-Final Fantasy XV

-Bravely Second 

-Bravely Default



Project 2 (Completed) Atlus/SEGA JRPGS

-Persona 5

-Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology

-Shin Megami Tensai Strange Journey Redux

-Shin Megami Tensai IV Apocalypse.

-Resonance Of Fate 

-Sands Of Destruction

Project 3 Upcoming Dark and Edgy Outsider Gothic Punk Underground Cult fiction (completed)


-Vampire Princess Miyu

-Future Diary


-Ergo Proxy

-Princess Ai

-Angel Sanctuary

-Kuryami Dance

-Trinity Blood

-Rosario Vampire

-Bloody Mary

-Rust Blaster

-Bloody Cross

-Demon From Afar


-Blood Hound

-Parfum Extrat 0

-Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow

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