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It is better to enjoy a game you want to play rather than to follow the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing.

Welcome to Rogue Otaku Gamer where you can read extensive and objective reviews of (mostly) older Japanese video games, manga, light novels and anime. The focus is more on cult classic anime styled games. Tho sometimes i may pick something thats new that really got my curisoity and interest.

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Welcome to my personal site.  
I'm the creator and sole reviewer "K Anthony". I'm an tech,anime/manga otaku,metalhead,hardcore gamer and a total introvert/loner and outsider.  
I designed this site to be inspired by GeoCities like sites hosted by angelfire for example. And obscure Japanese sites like Futaba and 2 channel. That are created around otaku and anime interests. I also used sites like Gematsu,Operation Rainfall and Siliconerra as an inspiration as well. Since they also focus on Niche gaming as well too. Especially Japanese and anime games as well. 
I created this site to be an underground cult styled website that is more smaller and obscure instead of mainstream and trendy.  
So if you aren't into bigger more mainstream websites or anything popular and you prefer outsider cult sites than you come to the right place.  
I'll be posting reviews and my own personal thoughts on how things are going for me so far from time to time. But don't expect a schedule as I'm creative based and I would want to take my time instead of rushing it in to give a lackluster review. 
I'll be focusing on underground cult styled and older video games from a few years ago that I got. And also, underground cult styled and older anime/manga from a few years ago as well. I don't care at all about anything that is the latest or popular thing at all.     
I personally enjoy single player only games as well as its my thing. Just as I enjoy underground cult styled or older anime or video games from a few years ago as well.   
I use a 1 to 5 score rating for the reviews on each anime,manga or game I am reviewing. And my reviews are based on my knowledge of the game and my personal experiences with it. 
So, feel free to look around and if you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me on the links down below.


I do not own any of the rights to any of these properties,images,franchises or characters. All of them belong to their respective owners
All opinions expressed are purely my own.


Rules of what not to do when sending me d-mails. Please do not send me promotional copies as I am not going to be accepting anything from anyone. I want to maintain my full independence and autonomy and will not compromise my integrity. I will not be doing any promotions for any companies, games or accept any sponsorship deals. My contact info is strictly for asking questions only. Please do not send me spam. Keep questions brief and to the point. Be sure to use proper grammar and refrain from any swearing or slang(especially gen-z slang). I won't answer your questions if you are rude.

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