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This here is the fandoms i would say i am in and are catered to my tastes and interests in media and i personally find fandoms more enjoyable when you enjoy things by yourself and stick to the things that you enjoy and whatever else it is that makes you happy in your fandom expierence instead of focusing on the negative side of things imo and yeah i know i do enjoy alot of stuff lol.

Shounen (primary)
-Pandora Hearts
-black butler
-death note

Seinen (primary)
-Bungo Stray Dogs
-the perfect insider
-psycho pass
-id invaded
-occultic nine
-steins gate
-avenger (bee train)
-outlaw star

Visual Novels (primary)
-Trace Memory 
-Hotel Dusk
-Time Hollow
-ace attorney
-science adventure
-master detective archives rain code

Platformers (Primary)
-Umihara Kawase

Visual Novels (secondary)
-The Nonary Games
-Date A Live
-Ghost Trick
-ai somminum files

Multimedia projects (Secondary)
-Kagerou project
-visual prison

Shojosei (primary)
-Kagen No Tsuki
-Fairy Cube
-angel sanctuary
-Jigoku shoujo

JRPGS (Primary)
-Chrono Trigger
-Fire Emblem
-Golden Sun


JRPGS (Secondary)
-Monster Hunter
-Bralverly default
-The Bouncer
-Samurai Legend Musashi
-soma bringer

Shojosei (secondary)
-Heavenly Will
-ghost hunt
-psychic detective yakumo
-chocolate underground

J-rock (primary)
-Ling Tosite Sigure

Metroidvanias (Secondary)

J-Pop (primary)

Indie games (Primary)

Visual Kei (primary)
-Dir En Grey
-Exist Trace
-buck tick
-la arc en ciel
-the gazzete

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