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Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, is a point and click puzzle game that was developed by CAPCOM for the DS and it was created by the same creator of Ace Attorney, Shu Takumi. Sissel is a ghost who was recently murdered and he has only one night to find out the mysterious circumstances of his death.

As Sissel’s ghost, you can travel from object to object from a certain distance. Manipulating objects are known as ghost tricks which influences the course of the story. It can be trial and error at times as sometimes you may have to go back in time just to get a certain part right. In addition to object manipulation, you can also visit dead bodies and change their fates to prevent them from being dead, but Lynn’s deaths are something of a reoccurring joke within the game. In fact speaking of dead bodies, you can also speak to the ghosts of the dead person you are trying to save to figure out what happened as well as hints in solving puzzles.

You're on a time limit so you only have a certain period of time to complete tasks or else its game over and you can change freely between the ghost world for hints and changing time, to the living world. Some sections in the game you have to do really quickly like preventing deaths or else you’ll fail.

The characters were really interesting and fun and Missile was the standout character in the game for his willingness to help and his easy going personality. You can play as Missile in some segments in the game. His gameplay is a bit different as he can swap objects and go longer distances than Sissel.

The story was interesting and well-paced with plenty of plot twists and unexpected events happening. A spooky atmosphere added to the overall ambience of the game. The dialogue was good but sometimes went on a bit too long. a bit. The artstyle is really nice and the animation is the best you can ever see in a DS game while the graphics were outstanding. There were a few unresolved plot points regarding the fate of certain characters. You can replay chapters if you like but not much replay value.

Its overall a really fun game and it gets 5 out of 5 stars.

There was supposed to be a crossover between Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick where its Pheonix Wright solving his own death and that should be a fun game.


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