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NANA Is Everything Controlled By The Great Demon King

Nana: Everything is controlled by a great demon king? is a video game spin off from the NANA series. It was developed by Konami and released in July 2006. It is a trivia/board game with a dice and is the first one of its type I have played. You could visit various locations in the game like Sabrina and have Junko, one of the game’s character, serve you special drinks to try out. There is the option to play as a male but it is really limited compared to the women. (And this is how covid happens besides just bat soup) The main goal is to reach the end of the finishing line and to gain as much affection points from the characters as possible. There is no storyline as such, all you have to do is

Haganai PSP

Boku WaTomodachi Ga Sukunai is a visual novel adaptation of the anime of the same name and was developed by Guyzware and published by Bandai.  I watched the anime beforehand so I could have a better understanding of the game but this is not necessary as the game is accessible to those who haven’t seen the anime. (One of the many endings that you could find in this game and this is exactly what my ex-classmates are now today.) The Neighbors Club is a group of social outcasts and misfits whose main goal is to make friends and teach each other proper social skills. The group takes a vacation on a private tropical resort owned by Kashiwazki family. The story focuses on the day to day lives of th

Hatsune Miku Diva F

As has all otakus did the hare hare yukai we all tried to play with leeks and dance with it. Joking aside there will never be another Wowaka

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