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Fairy Cube

Fairy Cube is a manga that was written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki. It has a bit of romance, mystery and horror and takes some cues from Irish mythology. The story is set in another world called “The Otherworld” which is populated by fairies and other supernatural creatures. The manga has a broody gothic atmosphere and intricate artstyle Yuki is known for.

Ian Hasumi is a reserved teen who has the power to see fairies. He is known as a liar as no one believes him except his childhood friend Rin. After a spate of fairy murders, Ian sees a stranger at one of the murders who gives him a Fairy Cube which Ian is to keep safe. Ian is murdered by his father when he tries to help his friend Rin who is accused of the murders. Now just a spirit, with the assistance of the stranger who gave him the Fairy Cube, Ian must help his friend Rin and stop the evil Tokage from carrying out his diabolical plans.

I like that the fairies were not depicted in the traditional Disney fluff. I definitely felt some Yu-Gi-Oh vibes with the love interest and the main character being an outcast. As well as the dual character theme as well.

The story is fairly short and fast paced so you can finish it in a day. The storytelling does not suffer from its brevity and feels complete from start to finish. The mystery unravels as you read and the manga is an enjoyable read.

Overall, the manga is an excellent book.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

This is something I'm pretty sure Shin Megami Tensei fans would enjoy.


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