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Comic Party Portable

Comic Party Portable is a PSP port of the pc visual novel developed by Leaf.

Both the PSP and Dreamcast versions get rid of the adult related content. The PSP port is a Japanese exclusive and the menu is all In Japanese so remember either Amazon or online import retailers is the way to get here in North America. 

(Oh think twice! for its just another day of you and me in a slice of life.)

College student Kazuki Sendo is invited by an otaku friend Taishi, to attend Comic Market which is the in-game version of Comiket, the world’s most popular entertainment convention. Kazuki is astonished at the number of people at the convention and how well the Otaku business industry is performing, particularly the Doujinshi side. Kazuki is very impressed by Doujinshi’s projects and prodded by Taishi, he decides to become a Doujinshi artist. The two friends decide to create a manga for the next Comic market.

( Otaku girls are always a best pick to choose for a date)

The time period of this game is from early April to Late March the following year. Besides the dialogue choices during the usual read text gameplay, there is a lot more interactivity than usual. To start off, you have to decide what genre and what audience you’re looking for and how many pages the manga will have. You have to plan out a schedule for Kazuki on what he will be doing today will he be working on a cover, drawings or story writing.  You’re also going to have submit progress reports from time to time or else the game will end early.

Kazuki has to rest from time to time and exercise regularly. He can also watch tv and work part time at a local anime store to raise funds for his project. You can pick the name for the character but canonically, it's always Kazuki. You could title your project whatever you like. You can call your friends and keep in touch with them and set up dates and you can visit various locations. Romance in the game is fully optional and you beat the game without it. You could look through the cg art and listen to the music like many visual novels. You can skip through stuff you already read and fast forward text and look at the story transcript.

(If this was released today she'd be calling otakus incels who hate women on twitter and the amount of pronouns and mental illnesses would be included as well.)

It’s a fairly long game about 30 plus hours. The control system was pretty straightforward and the user interface takes time getting used to. You can’t save unless you’re in your schedule planning list at home. It took some time to figure this out. The characters weren’t really that interesting and outside of the Comic Market and otaku culture focus, it's just really generic love story stuff. Kazuki didn’t seem to care about anything going on around him and he just does whatever he pleases. The art style is excellent and so were most of the character designs. The voice acting overall was generally good. The visual novel was overall ok but nothing really special outside of the interactivity and otaku culture focus.

(Finding a cute girl at comiket is pretty much just mercenary work for them and truth be told its like e-girls you pay them to like you but in reality they never will at all.)

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

There is an anime adaptation as well and if you’re interested in otaku culture focus themed anime, manga and visual novels, you’ll be quite interested in this game.


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