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5 centimeters per second

Five Centimeters Per Second is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. It was directed by one of the industry’s top director Makoto Shinkai, who also created the manga and was animated by one of the best anime studios in Japan, Comix Wave.

(I never blinked or got distracted by anything else while watching this movie literally every shot in this movie is a wallpaper.)

In comparison to Makoto Shinkai’s previous works this uses a contemporary perspective where it focuses on the real world and the struggles that people have to overcome. The film is a near perfect translation from the manga.

(Theres something very beautiful and melancholic at the same time from a shot like this)

The film is split into 3 parts and focuses on two childhood friends, Akari Shinohara and Takaki Tono.

( I really like the sense of peace and and quiet from shot like this provides)

It is set in Tokyo and the first two parts occur during the 90s while the 3rd act was set one year after the film was released in 2008.

(This is actually the final remark i'll be making for this review so just look at the scenery and enjoy the beauty of the animation.)

The title of the film refers to the speed that cherry blossoms fall. From the movie perspective, it represents the slow pace of life.

It deals with deep connections people make with childhood friends and how they drift apart because of life’s circumstances. Even though they may connect via social media, they still pine for the physical connection and the deep bond they once shared. The 3 parts represents different stages of life.

In childhood everything is pure and innocent, during teenaged years, things are more exciting and curious, and adulthood unexpected events occur and life can become too stressful.

Takaki and Akari attend the same school and become close friends because of their similar personalities. They both love each other and as they age, they never reveal their true feelings for each other.

After elementary school, Akari moves with her family to another place but keep in touch with Takaki. Takaki decides to meet with Aka