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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Disappearance OfHaruhi Suzumiya is a movie adaptation of the disappearance arc in the light novel Haruhi Suzumiya series. It is recommended that you watch the tv shows before as it takes place after season two.

(Keep in mind you won't be seeing these 2 in the film as much due the nature of the story)

On December 16, a month after the cultural festival, the S.O.S Brigade holds a hotpot for the members. The day stars at December 16th, a month after the cultural festival and in about a week Christmas will be starting soon and to celebrate the S.O.S brigade holds a hotpot for their members. A couple days later when Kyon goes to school, everything supernatural in the world has disappeared and everything is “ordinary”. Kyon senses that something isn’t right as his memory is out of synch with everyone else. He learns that Haruhi has disappeared and he cannot find some of his friends. Kyon decides to look for Haruhi and figure out why the world seems out of synch.

(The winter theme of the story is very fitting given how cold the atmosphere feels in contrast to the tv show.)

The movie is well paced and at 2 hours and 40 minutes, it is fairly long. The animation is brilliant and combined with the outstanding artstyle, provides a memorable and enjoyable experience. The musical score and audio quality are impressive. The character designs are way better than in season 2 of the TV series.

(The real star of the movie)

The English voice actors are much better than those from the tv show. Yuki’s voice acting was by far the best in the entire film due to her character development and you can see the various emotions she experiences during the movie.

(The shadowy and cold visuals of this scene really gives it more impact)

Visually, the film looks very bleak and grey in sharp contrast to tv series. The lifeless and cold atmosphere of the film is very different from the tv show, although many events from the series influences it. There is an absence of wonder and excitement. The quirkiness of the characters is downplayed in the film to reflect the dull nature.

(As Xion was my childhood crush in kingdom hearts she would be a crush of mine growing up in the 2000s as a kid.)

The tone of the film starts off as any normal episode of the series would but as time goes by it becomes more somber. There are many twists and turns and the movie is wonderfully unpredictable. Character development is more showcased and even minor characters from the story get to play a bigger role. Kyon is more nuanced in the movie. He becomes more helpful and shows genuine concern for his friends. He was morose and selfish but in the movie, he is humble, caring and helpful. One of the best character developments as well would have to be Yuki Nagato and she slowly bit by bit grows to have human emotions. Itzuki and Haruhi don’t appear much in the movie and its mainly focused more on Kyon.

(Seeing Yuki kickass in this film was really the highlight of the movie)

While the movie wraps up some storylines, there are still some plots that need explaining but these are most likely being saved for future seasons of the series.

While I did not enjoy the tv show, the movie was by great and I thoroughly enjoyed.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

There is a “sequel” The Remembrance of Haruhi Suzumiya for the PSP and PS3. It is a visual novel that I will cover later next year in early January. The latest light novel Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya has been released and fans of the franchise will be looking forward to it.

And now for something thats off topic but this my thoughts on something i'd wanted to share with whoever is reading this.

While i had a pretty quiet year this year and covid-19 made very little changes in my life. It was still a very depressing year for alot of people and i sympathize with you if you're going through a pretty rough time especially with this coming holidays and me and my parents while its always been just us celebrating things like Easter,Christmas and Family Day. We've been very lucky for my dad to still have his job working at home and also lucky that nobody has been sick or had to go out more than we really need to do so since we've been following the social distancing guidelines,washing hands and wearing a facemask. I just wanted to let you guys know that even with all of the fucking cancer that has happened from the pandemic to many other strange occurrences there's always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it can be and any moment of happiness whether big or small should always be cherised and the ones you have the most closest to your heart are the ones who'll be with you for life and i honestly am forever grateful for you taking the time to read my site and if it has made your day brighter i'm very happy as well to hear it and as long as you're happy with my site then i am very happy to do what i do as a living and will keep on providing you reviews for years to come and this site will always be around forever.

So to conclude this message happy holidays if you celebrate anything outside of Christmas and Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year and i wish you guys nothing but success in your own personal goals!


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