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Psycho Pass Sinners Of The System

Psycho Pass: Sinners OfThe System is a trilogy of standalone films. The first instalment, It is recommended that you watch the previous entries in the Psycho Pass universe before watching this trilogy.

(A wild cyberpunk Karen shows up to customer service at wal mart asking for the manager with her lawyer ready to sue them.)

Case one takes place after season 2, Case 2 takes place before Psycho Pass Season 1 and Case 3 takes place after the events of the movie. The films were created to give a new take on the series and focus on different characters instead of Akane Tsunemori, the usual heroine in the series.

(A wild cyberpunk Karen brings out her gun as she points it out to the innocent person who was minding their own business out of a wrathful fury telling them to go back to where you came from as she was shooting everything in sight.)

Case one focuses on Mika Shimotsuki and Enforcer Ginoza after they are sent by inspector Akane to investigate a prison known as sanctuary. Mika is still a firm believer in the Sybil system but discovers some disturbing things at the prison and she begins to realize that the system is not perfect. Case two focuses on Teppei Sugo an air force member being dragged into a terrorist act and he has to work with the public safety bureau to stop the mastermind. Case 3 continues on Shinya Kogami’s journey in the Southeast Asia and his work as mercenary.

(The Cyberpunk Karen then lowers her weapon as the manager comes out and soon to be denied service)

The writing isn’t as good as season one and it has the same problem as in season 2 with a lot of stuff rehashed. The stories are not interconnected with one another which creates a lack of focus.

(the cyberpunk Karen then leaves the police station as her onlyfans money pays her bail but later is found out to be in love with that BBC in college after her racist rant went viral on world star)

Case 3 felt pretty cliched as its basically a bad mercenary who fights for his beliefs, overthrows the government and the hero has to stop him. Many of the plot elements were borrowed from the Psycho Pass movie. Case two was evil military generals doing whatever to further their agendas with scant regard for the hellish consequences and their own soldiers have to stop them.

(Call Of Duty Black Ops Modern warfare 69)

The art style is good as ever and the background and character designs are really well done. The best use of the coloring and the best looking art out of all of the films is in case 3.

(Psycho Pass with Kogami is like SMT without demons or Madoka without her and Homura)

The voice acting is pretty good except for the non Japanese dub in case 3 something shared in the Psycho Pass movie. The action is good and intense but admittedly though the action in the films feels more like a B grade thriller. The stories were predictable and there was not much character development. The only characters I really found interesting were Kogami, Masoka and Sugo.

(It really isn't Psycho Pass without the first season team. Everyone else is just mediocre)

Tenzing Wangchuck and her relationship with Shinya Kogami as student mentor was quite interesting. Kogami has lost the lust for violence and revenge has humbled himself to focus more on inner peace. He still hallucinates about Makshima.

(This was someone who could have had an interesting story instead of cyberpunk karen.)

Teppei Sugo does have more of his personality showcased and his past as a soldier and why he left and became an enforcer. The villains are typically evil without being memorable.

(you really do have to feel bad for Kagari since he went through alot of shit in his life)

Mika still believes in the Sybil system and frequently jumps to conclusion. She is complicit in covering up illegal activities in the Sanctuary and the entire episode shows she needs to trust here instincts. She seems eager to become a lead inspector and the power of the position. Ginoza is more or less the same as he was in season 2.

(When Cyberpunk Karen finally gets her own way at Burger King. )

The musical score is good but they recycled and remixed the previous seasons songs for the opening and ending. The animation is very good but too reliant on CGI. The endings were satisfactory but there were still some unresolved issues. This was really the result of just writers having no idea what they are doing and are just clinging on to what Gen Urobuchi did instead of bringing their own ideas.

(Kunizuka and Shion really should get the focus instead of cyberpunk Karen.)

It gets 3 out 5 of stars.

This is purely for Psycho Pass fans only and season 2’s damage to the brand still to this day really hurts the series. So Season 3 does have alot of damage to amend.


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