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Super Sonico

Super Sonico is the mascot for Nitro +, a videogame company. The series details her day-to-day life as a model, college student and budding guitarist. Sonico loves gaming, anime and all things cute and she loves music. She’s a narcoleptic due to her hectic schedule.

(Nothing justifies this pure fucking cancer known as censorship and as a gamergate supporter it should be abolished.)

The show is animated by White Fox, however, this animation lacks the quality of Steins Gate. The CGI looked very awkward especially in the concert scenes. The character designs were very good and complimented by the myriad art styles.

(And this is as close as you'll get for something "Western" here on this site with its direction from stuff i have in my personal collection to todays focus.)

I should mention this show has a lot of fanservice every few seconds which make sense given the nature of the character and franchise.

( Just remember if you have a blue checkmark and your entire llife revolves around social media you should K with a capital K yourself "in minecraft". BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER LOOK AS GOOD AT ALL IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OVER AN ANIME GIRL YOU PROJECITOINSTIC PURITANICAL HYPOCRITE!)

The dialogue was childish and stories bland and uninteresting. There really isn’t any main story to speak off since its pretty much plotless and just about Sonico’s day to day life.