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Super Sonico

Super Sonico is the mascot for Nitro +, a videogame company. The series details her day-to-day life as a model, college student and budding guitarist. Sonico loves gaming, anime and all things cute and she loves music. She’s a narcoleptic due to her hectic schedule.

(Nothing justifies this pure fucking cancer known as censorship and as a gamergate supporter it should be abolished.)

The show is animated by White Fox, however, this animation lacks the quality of Steins Gate. The CGI looked very awkward especially in the concert scenes. The character designs were very good and complimented by the myriad art styles.

(And this is as close as you'll get for something "Western" here on this site with its direction from stuff i have in my personal collection to todays focus.)

I should mention this show has a lot of fanservice every few seconds which make sense given the nature of the character and franchise.

( Just remember if you have a blue checkmark and your entire llife revolves around social media you should K with a capital K yourself "in minecraft". BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER LOOK AS GOOD AT ALL IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OVER AN ANIME GIRL YOU PROJECITOINSTIC PURITANICAL HYPOCRITE!)

The dialogue was childish and stories bland and uninteresting. There really isn’t any main story to speak off since its pretty much plotless and just about Sonico’s day to day life. 

(Watching the intermission scenes is way entertaining then this shitshow.)

The series is short with just about twelve episodes and the pace is fairly brisk. The voice acting is serviceable.

(I got a blu-ray of this saved up for Christmas this year and now watching this show beforehand before i got it on blu ray yeah i feel really stupid and its not worth that price either. Sentai you're as overpriced as Aniplex)

Jessica Nigri has cosplayed as Sonico before and now is the voice actress for Sonico but her inexperience shows as the performance is a bit inconsistent. Each episode focuses on the hectic day to day life of Sonico and there is really no plot whatsoever and it's like Lucky Star, the show about nothing. There is no character development, villains or rivals. Everyone loves Sonico and her band and the entire focus of the series is on her.

(As an impressionable kid it would have been so cool seeing voice actors cosplay as their characters now today. Its basically overgrown chidlren who hadn't reach past the terrible 2s and bully and shill for the western voice acting industry and have a serious case of political derangement syndrome all day on twitter.)

You learn nothing about the characters backgrounds. The dialogue was irritating with the use of millennial slang that will become dated in a few years. The comedy is cheesy and repetitive. The musical score was ok but too reliant on electronica. Each episode has a different song at the end.

(The most background of a character you'll get from this episode.)

There was a big inaccuracy in one of the episodes. Sonico was playing Bioshock 2 on the SEGA Saturn but the game never came out on the Saturn but on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Pc. One episode was based on a “murder mystery” but came off more as a comedy rather than anything serious like homicide.  One of the ending scenes in this show was Sonico doing a parody dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 

(The look on simptakus faces when they realize that their favorite e-girl on Onlyfans has a boyfriend and never liked them in the first place and laughs at them behind their back and that 5000 dollars goes to condoms and birth control.)

Sonico the anime only exists to serve as a commercial for Nitro Plus and get fans to purchase their merchandise. It gets 2 out of 5 guitars.

You really have to be a hardcore Nitro Plus fan to enjoy this show. I spent 75 dollars on this on amazon for Christmas and this has to be the most overpriced anime I have purchased.

(Well that was a waste of time watching this show. I'd rather buy multiple copies of Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness and Psycho Pass season 1 blu rays and Shion Karanmori merchandise instead of watching this cancerfest shitshow.)

You're better off hoping for a sequel to Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop than watching or purchasing anything from this series.

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