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fire emblem engage

Fire emblem engage is one of the more recent entries in the fire emblem series.

It’s the typical plot of the fe series dark evil forces come to take over the land, up to you and the side of light and your friends to stop it.

The turn time feature returns in case you want to alter course of combat.

The character designs are part of Nintendo’s new trend lately hiring vtuber artists and personally for me it did took me some time getting adjusted to the new style of character designs for the game as the artists themselves do some pretty good work its just maybe not exactly the kind of style that would go well for the series.

The characters themselves too they are tropey and the story either not the most original and not helping either sometimes you fight the same boss over and over again.

The social sim elements return this time without the time management system 3 houses had.

But after checking who the writer of the story was, Nami Komuro who wrote Tokyo Mirage Sessions and even Paper Mario Origami King both happening to be some of my least favorite Nintendo games I honestly wasn’t surprised that the story quality came off as the way it was.

The gameplay has a unique feature where heroes from previous games serves as summons where using them in combat gives you special abilities and bonuses during combat.

It also introduces some features from the xenoblade series like the break where you can damage an enemy greatly by exploiting their weakspots.

Also chain attacks too are new where you can deal multiple damage to enemies.

Like before you can recruit characters to help you on your journey depending on certain circumstances.

You can level up and choose a variety of classes for your characters too.

Theres of course the choice between casual and regular fire emblem permadeath mode and the game has the same amount of challenge in my personal opinion as fire emblem 3 houses.

Paralogue stories make a return where completing them grants you bonuses in combat.

Theres also random chances where you can fight enemies again in places you fought in before.

You can donate to cities too for extra materials too.

Support system is the same as before give gifts and bond with teamates for bonuses in combat.

The music was fine I liked the idea of each region having their own unique composer but I can’t really say the same for the localization as the dialogue and also the way it was voiced to just came across as cringey.

You have quite the variety in character customization where you can unlock more choices as time goes by.

Theres exploration mode where you can collect materials to upgrade your equipment and adopt animals that can also find more materials too.

You can take part in minigames like wyvern rider which was almost like elemental gearbolt or house of the dead with the on rails shooter mechanics.

You can find ingridents and cook them like in previous games for bonuses in combat.

Overall it was a decent entry.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Honestly, this game is really only made in mind for the nostalgic hardcore fire emblem fans especially ones who happen to be fans of vtubbers like myself.

So unless you really wanna see Nintendo keep up with the vtubber artist hiring spree for their games then this game is for you.


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