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hi score girl

The show is an adaptation of the manga in the same name.

The story focuses on Haruo Yaguchi and his love of video games especially arcade ones and how he meets a rich girl who is like the total opposite of him Akira Ono who is also a surprisngly skilled gamer. As well as the relationship between with them. It’s a secret because given her busy schdeule and her being a rich kid it would not go well.

The story is set during the 90s and as such lot of games at that time were taking off in popularity in the arcade scene. Arcades in the show were depicted as niche grimey places and they were also viewed in contempt as well by the grown ups of the populace and the mention of making a living as a gamer has aged really well knowing today.

The Anime has quite a lot of it as well too.

Yoko Shimoura the composer of street fighter 2 one of the many arcade games to be shown in the anime as well as also Kingdom Hearts and Parasite Eve composes music for the anime and her music as always does a really good job.

The game also does explanation to how certain fighting game mechanics work as well as combos in a way that both veteran and newcomers can understand easily.

The in between scenes as well also had promotions for a lot of video game compliations like the capcom collection or puyo puyo for mobile as well too.

The animation was pretty decent.

The biggest problem the series would have has to be its comedy.

Its overly reliant on slapstick comedy that’s really just abuse as well as annoying facial expressions as well too.

The chemistry between Akira and Haruo while on paper its interesting premise but the slapstick comedy really turned it off for me.

the love triangle elements were not even engaging either since the characters were often one sided.

I wish, the anime also focused more on the other games as well too instead of a lot of street fighter.

Its short as well too about 12 episodes.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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