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kirby star allies

Kirby Star Allies is one of the mainline entries in the game and it focuses on Kirby and friends stopping another evil threat that’s corrupting everyone with the power of darkness. For once King DeeDee is not the bad guy in this instalment. Storywise, it is the typical Kirby fare lighthearted atmosphere mixed in with massive world ending threat. The graphics and artstyle are up to the usual high standardand the music was very good as well. The controls are also easy to pick up and play.

In this game you can befriend enemies that have special abilities to help you out in combat while you explore the world and even combine abilities so you can deal massive damage to enemies.You can use your “friend action” to help you while exploring too be it forming a bridge or also, forming a wheel to crush enemies too.Just like before, getting 100 star pieces means you get extra lives and some bonus rounds to get more stuff.

The game introduces the "Dream Friend" system, which allows the player to call upon characters from past Kirby games as special allies with expanded move sets. Notable characters like King DeeDee or Meta Knight can all be unlocked as Dream Friends through progression in Story Mode. Additional Dream Friends have been added via software updates.

There's a bunch of post game content and some replay value to go through like some epilogues that are said to set up events of other Kirby games. The post game content has more challenge since its updates. The endgame bosses really living up to the reputation of Kirby having the most destructive bosses in gaming history.

It’s the shortest Kirby game I have played so far. It would have been even shorter if they cut out the filler as it was really just there to pad the time.

Overall, it was a decent entry if a bit on the short side.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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