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Needy Streamer Overload

Needy Streamer Overload or Needy Girl Overdose is a point and click visual novel game by WSS. 

It focuses on Ame and her “assistant” P-Chan as Ame decides to take part in a 30 day goal to become a incredibly popular streamer with millions of followers and also of course the pitfalls behind it the premise looks simple enough but as you play it the game gets incredibly darker and how really messy being a “e-girl” online can really be.  

Every single stereotype you can think about e-girls online from places like twitch,discord,twitter,reddit or tiktok you name it the game has it. The game gets even more relatable as if you seen girls like this there, then Ame is defiently going to have every single trait of toxic e-girl culture especially the “aestheticcore” culture too. 

So in a nutshell its almost like Sonicomi in terms of concept story and gameplaywise. 

Now as for the "Stereotypes" here's the list.

-mentally unstable especially fixates on psychological projection and double standards 

-manipulative af 

-aesthetics that are either pastel especially cutesy types of shit or edgy af goth like stuff or a combination of both 

-has a reliance on either substance abuse or sex 

-clingy af or gets easily mad if they don’t get attention from frivolous things 

-literally online 24/7 

-has family issues  

-Always speaks uwu like speak but outside of the character they will go on some schizo shit thats more edgier than the uwu speech 

And the list goes on and on lol so you can say its almost like a Colbert or the boondocks type series where it ironically mocks the audience it was aimed for. 

The game’s atmosphere is an interesting mix of denpa,psychological horror and retro anime aesthetics. 

The game has alot of activities you can take part in to help maintain Ame’s sanity (or whatever is left of it that is) and success with raising certain stats.  

Keep in mind you can really stream only at night since thats were most online activity happens. 

In other video games its either the relationship meter goes up or down but in this case you have to maintain a good balance of contact with Ame else you can fallout in the worse case or in another really bad case have her cling onto you extremely. 

This is the first game I've ever played at least that i can remember that is that literally encourages drug use as you can use it to get ideas for streams. The game does a pretty good job on showing how the body while on drugs goes out of control while under the influence.  

You can moderate streams by deleting and promoting certain comments to Ame. 

You can adjust the speed of it depending on your playing preference i personally rather just watch the cringe unfold in real time lol. 

You can have intercourse with Ame-Chan too and that can also be an idea for streaming in this case it would be sexy streams. 

You can “touch grass” by going outside visiting different locations of Japan and post about them. 

So overall the game has a huge amount of content to go through. 

The dialogue in this game, its gen-z internet speak but makes sense given the nature of the game.  

The retro windows 95 inspired art and graphics style is really good and i really like the userinterface alot. 

The game has alot of endings and the switch adds even more to it too especially the addiction side of things too much sex will make an already addicted Ame into a full fledge nymphomaniac or in even worse case scenarios suicide and self harm in really graphic ways and the game doesn’t pussyfoot in showing how grim it is. 

The music in the game is really good and it makes sense its breakcore since thats a fairly popular genre among the e-kid scene. (Even i admittedly like the music as Sewerslvt is my personal fav basic bitch i know lol but theres only so much on my youtube feed i could find that i could as other favs on a more off topic note.) 

Overall this game is honestly the best visual novel i ever played and if anything I'd dare say this is my dream video game finally coming true. 

It gets 5 out of 5 stars. 

Out of any visual novel that should be making the kind of sales and success science adventure has this should be it. 

Theres even a mini game compilation of the game coming out soon and i hope it also gets a physical release too soon enough. 

So hopefully WSS and the other devs get to make a really huge franchise out of denpa series soon we really needed a edgy game like this honestly and well done WSS best of luck for your future developments. 


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