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Devil May Cry 4

I got this version of Devil May Cry 4 on the ps3 from EB games and here is my thoughts on this game and this is the first devil may cry game i played.

This game is developed and published by Capcom once again.

This is the fourth game in the series and I call this "Devil May Cry 3" as the actual Devil May Cry 3 is the prequel to the entire series.

The graphics and visuals in this game looks pretty good for its time and it goes well for the gothic nature of the series.

There is a lot of humorous moments in the game like in the other Devil May cry games. The cutscenes and storyline is pretty entertaining.

Nero is the new main character of this game and you play as him through out the much of the game. And some sections you are able to play as Dante himself.

Both with their own different playstyles and abilities. For instance Dante can select up to 4 different fighting styles seamlessly. Each with its own unique skillset. While Nero can use his right hand as a grappling claw to grab enemies or ledges.

This game like in DMC 2 and 3 you can play 2 characters with their own playstyles. Dante and Nero each have their own special abilities and style of combat.

The combat is fast paced and challenging like in the other Devil May Cry games. You can learn and master various different moves for Dante and Nero. I found the weapons in the game to be really cool. You are graded as well when you do a variety of combos from d-to triple s. That encourages you take out enemies in a variety of different ways in a stylish manner.

There is a good amount of variety of enemies to kill and they are designed quite well.

The boss fights as well are really challenging and well designed. Each having their own strategy and ways to defeat them.

You can be able to find a variety of collectibles and unlock new difficulties in the game which gives the game a lot of replay value in it.

Secret missions are also returning from the previous games and after you successfully complete one you earn a permeaant bonus like one shard of a blue orb to form one blue orb to increase health.

You can be able to purchase a variety of abilities. Red souls for example are used to buy items. While proud souls are meant to buy brand new abilities.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack of this game as it gets you ready to go kill enemies.

The game does have its share of downsides to it.

If you are a hardcore Dante fan get used to playing Nero. As he is playable for most of the game. And Dante gets about 7 missions where you can play him up to the end of the game. He is not as powerful as Dante and his controls often feel quite stiff when you move as him.

The camera can be quite problematic as it goes from place to another especially with platforming because it would be trial and error until you make the accurate jump.

And there is a fair amount of backtracking as well to so you are going to have to take your time with this game.

You also have to fight the same bosses for about 3 times in the game which can be really repetitive.

I did however find this game to really enjoyable.

I'll give this game about 4 stars.

If you enjoy hack and slash games and Devil May Cry be sure to buy this game.

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