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Batman Arkham Knight

This is actually the final game in the Arkham series a well famous Batman series

The visuals and graphics of the game is highly well done. I like how dark and shadowy it is and

I like the dark and brooding narrative the game has. Batman is at the edge of his limits he is facing a seriously large threat on his own. And he is haunted by his past as well as he frequently faces hallucinations of The Joker after what happened in Arkham City with his death making him feel highly guilty. The story itself has touching moments in it and the mature rating the game has means that some of the stuff will not be for kids.

Scarecrow is the main villain he has the entire city hostage as he has fear bombs planted all over the place and its up to Batman to takedown this extreme threat. The story is pretty dark

You can explore Gotham city through the batmobile or glide over the entire city seamlessly anywhere and explore the dark world around you. Gotham city is pretty huge and you are able to explore buildings such as WayneTower and you could have a chance to find a Riddler puzzle to solve or a Riddler trophy somewhere around the world in order to take him down by beating him in his own game.

The game as you are batman you have to do detective work in the game. From recreating crime scenes to using your gadgets and detective vision to solve crimes its fun being able to be the world's greatest detective.

The combat in the game is quite excellent the freeflow style allows you to attack any enemy at any direction and perform a variety of moves and use your gadgets to take them down in creative ways.

You can also steal melee weapons from enemies and beat them with it. And the enviroment can also be used to take down enemies instantly.

The game has a variety of enemies in it from combat experts,brutes,soldiers either with weapons or a unique gadgets. And the lieutenants which leads the soldiers. And they have their own tactics on how to take them out so there is plenty of ways to knock them out.

Batman's gadgets are an important part of the game as not only is it for combat. But, it is also for solving puzzles and finding alternative paths. Stealth is optional in the game especially when enemies carry guns as guns are really powerful in the game.

The game overly relies on the Batmobile and there is a lot of sections in the game that it is required. Even the Riddler sections which is race against time instead of puzzle solving had this.

Some of the boss battles they were pretty anticlimactic the last boss I wished it could have been Arkham Knight instead of taking him down from afar and avoid being hit by a sniper. A hand to hand fight would have been much more fun where the player has to face him toe to toe on equal footing as both of you are highly skilled fighters.

There is also side stories to and side activities such as taking down the Arkham Knight's militia who has Gotham by its throat. And they set up checkpoints and hideouts so you have to find a way to get rid of them and take them all down. The side stories they are hunting down other criminals on the loose such as The Riddler and Two Face and they all have its own unique ways of progressing through to defeat them which is fun.

I never run into any glitch really in the game. It was here and there but it ran smoothly for me.

I really did enjoy playing Batman so the game gets 4 stars.

Batman fans would like this game so check it out if you love dc and batman.

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