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Angel Cop

Angel Cop is an anime cyberpunk ova, that focuses on a police group trying to stop a terrorist plot.

On paper its immediately going to be getting comparisons to ghost in the shell since both were part of the cyberpunk craze of the 80s and 90s and honestly it does feel like a rip off from ghost in the shell.

Its about 6 parts and its pretty short so short that it even ends on a cliffhanger that leaves more questions then it does give answers.

The humor is just awful like I know the 90s was the time of grossout comedy and other types of transgressive media but this is just trying to hard.

Not helping either was the dialogue all of it is just awful and yeah, the series also has some really and I mean really offensive stuff that you would never see go by today and certainly not back then either too.

The artstyle was ok and the gritty cyberpunk atmosphere was there sure but otherwise it just felt like a rip off.

None of the characters were likable either as they were often shoot first ask questions later.

Overall it was just a huge mess.

It gets 1 star.


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