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bad apple wars

Bad Apple Wars is an otome visual novel that is currently exclusive to the PS Vita at the time of this writing. Similar to Angel Beats, it is set in a school in the afterlife and focuses on the lives of the students after they have died. The theme is  law and order vs rebellion and which side you’ll choose. Good apples being law and order bad apples being rebellion. The academy the students are enrolled iscalled NEVAEH which is heaven in reverse. (Same time i posted this review is the same time i find out P.O.D's lead singer's daughter has that name and new music coming out lol)

The lead character Rinrinka was pretty boring and not engaging at all while the other characters are just well ok at best as the all seem to wallow in self pity. 

The concept on paper was fairly interesting however there were a lot of shortcomings.  For starters, it is not the easiest story to follow and there were moments here and there that often leaves you with more questions than answers especially where character backstories are involved. The artstyle and the character designs were good enough. The music is excellent especially with Nano the singer being involved. There is a decent amount of interactivity from going to location to location in addition to the soul touch feature where you use the touch screen of the vita at key moments of the story. The touch system itself its ok but that’s really it. 

For a small Vita game, I was honestly surprised there was a lot of save slots in it. 

It is a fairly long game with some decent amount of replay value to it. 

Overall, it was a decent visual novel. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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