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black magic m66

Black magic m66 is an cyberpunk anime ova that focuses on a conspiracy a couple of killer androids are on the hunt and its up to a journalist Sybel to stop them, and it was created by the same creator as Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell too as it was the earliest work.

In a sense you can compare to blade runner or terminator due to similarities in its plot.

Its not really a long anime per say its about 48 minutes.

Its not really philosophical based like Ghost In The Shell but you can see some of the similar themes you’d be seeing in their later works from conspiracy theories,killer robots and lot of action in it.

The robots were pretty much the only interesting characters and they don’t even speak but you can tell that the threat from them is real.

The voice acting was fine.

The animation too was serviceable enough.

The music was also generally fine too.

The story did felt kind of rushed in certain areas and you can often wonder what is even going on with the plot because of how strange stuff can get at times too. Other parts just felt like forever to even get to the point.

None of the characters either were all that great they all just felt pretty flat and nothing really memorable.

Overall this was a pretty below average anime.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

You have to be a hardcore ghost in the shell fan to really enjoy this.


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