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Corpse Party Bloodrive

Corpse Party Blood Drive is a survival horror visual novel styled point and click mystery horror game by mages inc. 

It focuses around solving mysteries and the deadly stories behind them while trying to avoid getting killed as this series is pretty notable for its gruesome deaths. 

The story on paper is interesting but otherwise it can be a convoluted mess so its best to play the first game to get caught up on whats happening. 

The game does cover some pretty nsfw topics like self harm for example. 

The graphics in the game is ok but it can really hard to see things from time to time due to the low resolution. 

The game does have some odd moments of comedy that especially given the gory nature of this game really doesnt fit. 

There is a hiding mechanic where certain places can be used to avoid spirits until its all clear to get out as escaping too early can lead to death. 

The pacing is off from time to time. 

There is an endless battery mode to help you out though. 

Spirits can be fatal so avoid them at possible and you can banish them at certain points of the game. 

Theres traps around to be mindful of and healing items and batteries are sparse so be careful with item management. 

The art was decent. 

The music was good too. 

Overall it was an ok game. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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