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digital devil saga

Digital devil saga is one of the spin off series of shin megami tensei.

Its set in a world called the “junkyard” and it focuses on a warring tribes with differing views on life and their path to attain “nirvana” and there is a lot of Hindu concepts in it too and a much darker conspiracy too.

The story also explores the nature of the human mind and morality especially in something as strange as the world of the junkyard.

The characters here were pretty compelling and had decent voice acting too.

There is a lot of horror in it especially with the cannibal stuff too and the game makes you commit to it as that’s the only real way to survive and power up.

The monster designs in particular have a lot of teeth and mouths moving reflecting the cannibal theme of the game and its handled in a morally grey situation whereas humans who are outside of the conflict view it as obviously disgusting and horrifying.

The combat was pretty fair and easy especially for newcomers to the series. It doesn’t have the demon negotiation or fusion instead its eating enemies and using mantras to unlock new abilties to help you in combat depending on the type of demon you eat by scaring them from exploiting their weakness for another turn like in many shin megami tensei games as of late.

Some of the fights though can be pretty cheap and not really that easy to go through on the otherhand especially certain boss battles.

Digital devil saga 2 has half demon half human fusions sort of like in devil children where you have weak defense in exchange for a strong offense in battle.

You have to be kept fed or else you will face weakness while in combat.

The graphics were pretty good and still hold up fairly well and the art design was also good too.

Both games were fairly long and do keep in mind you do need to play digital devil saga 2 to get a full understanding of what has happened.

Dialogue choices do have impact depending on what you go for unlike the majority of choices in the persona games.

Admitedly while the dungeons were interesting I had to rely on walkthroughs to help figure out where to go next.

Overall the games were pretty fun.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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