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do you love your mom and her 2 hit multi target attacks?

Do you love your mom and her 2 hit multi target attacks is an adaptation of the light novel of the same name. The anime is focused on Mamako and Masato, a mother and son duo who get transported into a beta testing of a mmo game created by the Japanese government to help develop familial bonds. The stories follow the two along with their companions on their misadventures. The most notable thing about this anime especially is the theme on familial bonds especially the bond between parent and child.

(Trust me kiddo i don't love e-thots at all either and anybody who pays for e-thots on onlyfans or chaterbate is a complete fucking idiot. Stick to 2d anime hentai or look at waifus on google images for free instead of paying these thots.)

The characters with the exception of Mamako, were just one sided and lame. Masato is the aspiring jrpg hero but he is often overshadowed by Mamako who is more skilled and more powerful. Masato is dense and usually the butt of the jokes. Mamako is a very kind hearted woman and is very excitable and curious about the world around her. She’s very free spirited and she doesn’t let her age stop her from being like a kid. She treats all of the female party members as adopted daughters. Mamako joined up with Masato mainly because of maternal instincts. Since she's a parent, she has the ability to use special powers related to motherhood, if she is happy she emits a bright glow which can be useful in darker areas. Her most notable power is her ability to use 2 hit multi target attacks and it almost always defeats enemies quickly.

(This is actually even more common than you think it would be and its not just in the south all over the world this kind of thing happens. )

The characters seem to lack basic logic with Mamako in particular being very gullible and trusting even to the most dangerous and hostile people. The episodes are predictable and loaded with cliches. The voice acting is serviceable at best and the dialogue was pretty awkward and cringey.

(E-Thots when they see v-tubers like Calliope Mori be successful and they don't have sucess or any skills at all whatsoever and its the animators and vas that do.)

The animation is mediocre and the action predictable. The musical score was below average and what passes as comedy was pretty unoriginal and dull. Theres a lot of fanservice mainly related to Mamako and it can get easily distracting. The show has some incestuous undertones that was creepy.

(There's womens intuition and then there's mens intuition and if you ask me both sides jump to conclusions and make assumptions rather easily.)

It gets 3 out of 5 swords.

You have to be into Isekai to enjoy this show.


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