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Final Fantasy 7 advent children complete

Final fantasy advent children is a movie taking place after the events of final fantasy 7 and this version is the updated complete version with a lot more content and story revisions too.

it focuses on Avalanche and Cloud who must stop Sephiroth from continuning on with their goals of world destruction and a even bigger conspiracy too.

The broody cyberpunk atmosphere of the original game is still there and seeing it in movie format was pretty great.

Since I'm focusing on the complete version, theres more connections to the other final fantasy 7 media like crisis core in partitcular and more elaboration on certain scenes too.

The characters as always were incredible and Cloud has certainly went through a lot since the events from 2 years ago holding a lot of guilt for what has happened and trying to move forward with the rest of avalanche.

To start off with the visuals and artstyle are really incredible and even to this day, the animation holds up really well and it really looks like it could have been made today and this was from the 2000s.

The music too was also really great and you’ll hear many songs from the original games like One Winged Angel.

The voice acting was pretty decent and this is what made many of the ff7 voice actors you hear in other games from Kingdom Hearts to Dissadia.

The dialogue line Dilly Dally Shilly Sally by Tifa I did however find to be really silly and something you would expect straight from the original localization of final fantasy 7.

The action too was also some of the best seen in a final fantasy ip the action itself was even an inspiration to future games like final fantasy 13. Its actually even more brutal than in the original advent children.

The biggest downfall was some of its retcons and also you are going to have to play the original game and I'm not referring to the remake and crisis core to get caught up on what has happened.

Overall this was really one of the best anime movies I have seen.

It gets 5 out 5 stars.

Eventually we will get to see advent children in the remake format and so on dirge of cerberus but the remake versions of both really has to prove itself it can handle such a thing and the action especially for the advent children remake its really going to have to live up to the level the original has set.


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