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Final Fantasy 7 remake

Final fantasy 7 remake is an updated version of the original game.

This project has been long since developed since the 2000s but eventually came into fruition in the late 2010s with more powerful hardware to really fully utilze the scope of final fantasy 7.

Like before it follows cloud and avalanche trying to stop Shinra from destroying the earth uncovering a much bigger conspiracy.

The story also focuses on expanded parts and focusing on going to areas that weren’t even able to go to before in the original game. Even with it only telling the first half it still does a good job with its re-telling.

It still has the same themes from the cyberpunk elements from before as it still holds releveance in fiction to this day.

The characters are as likable as before and the newer voice actors do a pretty good job too replicating the original ones since advent children.

The combat is now in real time with various styles like martial arts for tifa and hack and slash for cloud.

The materia and limit system returns and is as fun as ever. You can level up and upgrade perks for your characters to help you out in combat.

The localization is certainly a massive improvement from the original game and the npc interactions were pretty lifelike and fitting.

The atmosphere still retains the dark and broody cyberpunk feel and in fact even more so than before as it shows more into the costs of Avalanche’s actions into their war with shinra.

The music as always is as incredible as before.

The game is even longer than disc 1 mainly cause its part one of the remake. It also had a lot of linearity too as a result of it unfortunately.

The active time battle option to isn’t that great either it still felt like the real time battle than so an turned based active time battle for the original fans.

Some of the side missions were not really fun to take part in either too because of how boring they were.

The graphics and art especially the newer character designs were great though some of the textures were low resolution but its apparently fixed in the newer console versions.

Overall this was a solid remake.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

The second part really better bring back humorous moments from the bananaboat and they really better not try to alter Aerith’s death either and make Aerith live as that scene along with Zack’s death are the most important moments in final fantasy history and retconning it to make them alive is not going to end well.


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