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fire emblem shadow dragon

Fire emblem shadow dragon is a remake for the ds by TOSE based on the original game for the Famicom and this also marks Marth’s official fire emblem debut for the west game wise after being a fighter in Smash alongside with Roy.

It focuses on Marth reclaiming the kingdom after being stolen and stopping an evil force that is behind it.

The story isn’t too special and the characters honestly were just forgetable and the dialogue either its just really anoyingly awkard to read at and there is no support conversations like in the other games strangely.

Otherwise there were new characters and story scenarios to go through just to keep you busy and its not that full of filler either thankfully. You can change your characters classess which at the time for the game it was pretty new and fun to use.

The combat is turn based stratgey and its main missions are either defeat the enemy commander or capture the outpost simple enough and you can choose how much units you wanna bring with you.

It also introduced being to save in battle too which can be useful.

The user interface was easy enough to go through.

The artstyle was from the ghost in the shell mangaka but it honestly did not fit the series and as a result the graphics and artlook pretty unsetlling.

The music itself was good.

The game has permadeath and there is no way to turn off it which can be a turn off. You can recruit new characters on the way sure but you have to be extra cautious in battle using them.

You can promote just about almost all of the classes to more powerful variants.

Overall it was a good remake.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Nintendo honestly should focus on remastering and remaking their older and lesser known especially IPS and the older games from fire emblem especially are perfect to be remade now.

And now they have been with advance wars finally being remade after so long after quite a bit of delays due to somehow wanting to offend Eastern Europe due to all the shit thats going on there atm from what i looked at in silliconera like really just release the fucking game as it is i mean there were alot of games that came out during the cold war years so why delay this one? strange decision from Wayforward if you as kme.


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